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Past Events

2020 AXS Sports Facilities & Franchises
and Ticketing Symposium

September 22 - 23, 2020

Leadup Webinar- Thursday, August 27, 1pm ET

Season Ticket Holders: Incentives & Retention

Join us as these ticketing executives share how they are managing their season ticket holders. They’ll discuss what policies and procedures have been established, how they’re communicating to season ticket holders, what incentives and offerings are being provided, what they’ve learned and their team’s plans moving forward.

Panelists include:
Paige Farragut, Senior Vice President, Ticket Sales and Service, Texas Rangers
Katie Stocz Miller, Senior Vice President, Fan Experience, Premium & Client Services, Orlando Magic 

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Reboot, Revive, Reopen
This year’s Sports Facilities & Franchises and Ticketing Symposium will be transitioning to a two-day virtual event, September 22-23. Sports Business Journal along with our partner, AXS, are committed to bringing you the latest developments during this unprecedented time. 

In September much of the sports industry will have reopened and we will examine the successful efforts different leagues and organization have taken to re-imagine the fan experience.  We will also examine the latest trends in ticketing, and maintaining relationships with ticket holders, as well as how sports facilities are adapting to new guidelines and health mandates.

In addition, we will be providing two webinars leading up to this virtual experience that will focus on specific topics of value around this important issue.

So join us, as we take a look across the industry as sports reboots, revives and reopens.

 Who Attends
The three-day program is a must attend for anyone in ticketing or franchise and facility management. Through venue tours and in-depth discussions on stage, the conference covers the gamut of hot topics, ranging from increasing incremental revenue, to the latest in ticketing and venue technology, to managing changing fan demographics, to best practices in ticket sales, and in-stadium fan engagement.

Both events are designed for team presidents, CEOs and other C-level executives (CFO, COO, CIO, CMO), as well as vice presidents and directors of key functional areas: facility operations and management, ticketing, premium seating, corporate sales and marketing.


Interested in becoming involved with this program?

For ATTENDANCE information, please contact Lorianne Lamonica at or 704-973-1523.

For PROGRAM information, please contact Laura Case at or 704-973-1446.

For information on SPONSORSHIP opportunities, please contact Jay Freshwater at or 312-873-2216.


"The Sports Facilities & Franchises conference was a valuable experience for the Atlanta Braves and me. The conference featured a multitude of industry innovations and gave us a chance to talk first-hand with other sports leaders from around the country. The conference also provides great networking opportunities outside of the sessions." 
Derek Schiller
President & CEO
Atlanta Braves

“The pace of change in the ticketing marketplace has captured everyone’s attention.  The Ticketing Symposium provides a great venue for information sharing and networking on key topics impacting our industry.”
Crane Kenney
President, Business Operations
Chicago Cubs 

“With the ongoing transformation taking place in ticketing, the Ticketing Symposium has been invaluable to me as a resource. It’s is a conference I can count on every year to present new technologies, fresh ideas and sharing of best-practices amongst industry leaders.”

Michael Bucek
Vice President, Marketing & Business Development
Kansas City Royals

"There is no better conference to bring together the best experts in the business, when it comes to Stadium technology and all the latest advancements in the ticketing space.
Fred Mangione
Senior Vice President
New York Jets

"The Sports Facilities & Franchises and Ticketing Symposium gathers together the best in current and future thinking in ticketing and facilities.  I’ve left each year with insights and thought-provoking views that have made a positive impact on our business and the fan experience at our facilities. Looking forward to this year’s event!"
Mike Burch
Chief Strategy Officer
Speedway Motorsports, Inc.