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Volume 23 No. 8
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Highlights of the Deloitte NGB needs assessment

Tier 1

Characteristics: Have diversified revenue streams and enough revenue and staff to choose which strategic goals to emphasize. Talent pipelines include the NCAA and other well-established organizations.

Pain points: Transparency from USOC; more exchange of ideas with other NGBs.

Examples (11): Equestrian, Figure Skating, Ski & Snowboard, Soccer, Tennis, Gymnastics, Hockey, Swimming, Track & Field, Volleyball, Golf.

Tier 2

Characteristics: Much smaller revenue and staff than Tier 1, but have built successful programs. Are less likely to rely on the NCAA for talent development. Most listed sport growth as their top priority.

Pain points: Better alignment with USOC on abuse prevention; high-performance funding restrictions that prevent NGBs from spending money on aspiring elite athletes and current elites; additional volunteer education.

Examples (11): Rowing, Sailing, Basketball, Cycling, Fencing, Field Hockey, Rugby, Shooting, Triathlon, Water Polo, Wrestling.

Tier 3

Characteristics: Less popular sports with little or limited NCAA or scholastic tradition. Organizations are functional, but staff is spread thin trying to manage multiple roles. Direct USOC funding is the largest revenue source for half these groups, making them especially exposed to swings in funding based on Olympic results.

Pain points: Lacking dedicated staff for some business functions; challenged to build talent pipeline while also supporting current stars; lacking expertise or staff to think more strategically.

Examples (10): Bobsled & Skeleton, Speedskating, Archery, Boxing, Curling, Diving, Judo, Luge, Taekwondo, Weightlifting.


Tier 4

Characteristics: Very small staffs and lack the resources to focus on anything other than basic needs. Revenue generation and talent development is a constant struggle. “Largely focused on increasing organizational health,” according to the survey.

Pain points: Struggle to identify and develop top talent; heavy reliance on volunteers/board members to manage day-to-day; lack of technology and staff to support key business functions.

Examples (8): Canoe, Biathlon, Badminton, Pentathlon, Synchronized Swimming, Table Tennis, Team Handball, Climbing.

Note: The Deloitte report did not include NGBs that oversee non-Olympic sports or sports that have only been added for the 2020 Games, except climbing.

Source: Deloitte NGB needs assessment