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A new take on sponsor exposure

Wasserman Media Group says it has a better mousetrap for generating analytics around sponsor exposure.

As part of a joint development agreement, WMG has introduced Nervve video and image recognition software to the sports and entertainment industries, an alternative to the likes of SRi and Repucom, which have been generating sponsorship exposure numbers long enough to be considered an industry standard.

The PC-based software claims to allow brands and properties to quickly and accurately track and analyze brand exposure across sports and entertainment programming in “very close to real time.”

The Nervve technology can search for logos and objects in minutes.
“This has allowed us to focus on interpretation of that data and the ‘so what,’ rather than spend so much time compiling data or waiting for someone else to do so,” said John Harper, who heads WMG’s insights and analytics group.

Nervve started as technology that allowed government agencies, including military and intelligence agencies, to scan large crowds for “bad guys,” as Harper described it.

The system’s ability to search for specific logos or objects in minutes made it suitable to sponsors trying to base sponsorship value on impressions. WMG has exclusive rights to the technology within sports and entertainment.

Harper said the Nervve technology is speedy enough that in less than a minute, it could synthesize exposure over the course of the most recent MLB All-Star Game, which lasted more than three hours.

So far, six WMG clients are using the technology, though Harper said he could not identify them. However, he said that one, a new sponsor to thoroughbred racing, totally revamped its activation plans and sponsorship assets it was receiving after the program showed the sponsor had received minimal exposure during an important race. Just another version of “catching the bad guys.”