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Michael Her, NeuLion


Define innovation: To me innovation means taking a complicated problem and finding a simple and elegant solution.

What’s the innovation you’re most proud of? Our video delivery platform that is built on top of service-oriented architecture. We can route the video through different components to deliver new functionality, creating a live broadcasting system on the fly.

What’s the future of your industry? We are all inventing the future of Internet television and online video together. It’s the best time to be in this industry, and the future is great.

What inspires you? Seeing beautiful things in life inspires me.

Michael Her

Executive Vice President, Research and Development

With very little fanfare, NeuLion has become one of the leading online video service providers, helping power the digital content strategies for the NFL, NHL, UFC, NBA, MLS, PBR and dozens of other pro and college properties.

Michael Her, NeuLion’s executive vice president of research and development, has been a key figure in that run-up of clients, leading the creation of a wide array of streaming media and mobile products now helping redefine how digital content is consumed. Among the specific online video products developed and powered by Her and NeuLion are the NFL’s Game Pass and Game Rewind, NHL GameCenter and MLS’s MatchDay Live.

“What we’ve done in each of these league and team relationships is take a long time to understand their business needs, and put those goals together with our newest products,” Her said.

In addition to streaming to computers, smartphones and tablets, Her and NeuLion also are aggressively exploring TV Everywhere concepts by streaming through connected TVs and over-the-top boxes such as Roku, Boxee and through video game consoles.

“Every new year, every new season with each of our league and team partners, we essentially have to start from scratch and completely revamp,” Her said. “The development cycles are so fast, you absolutely cannot stand still.”

— Eric Fisher