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Volume 7 No. 149

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Volume 7 No. 142

Overseas Support

Barcelona secures €140M in loans from Prudential-owned Pricoa (€90M) and Barings (€50M) to give the club some "breathing room" if it needs to make player signings.

Back In The Gate

British horse racing will resume on Wednesday after BHA lifts ban, implements "strict biosecurity controls."

Reaching The People

Billy Hogan says marketing is key for Liverpool to tap into global fanbase.

In Dispute

Haas F1 sponsor Rich Energy in logo dispute with Whyte bicycle brand.

Blanket Coverage

Eleven Sports locks down all four Portuguese TV outlets to long-term rights deals.

Still On Course

Renault F1 president says company chair's dismissal "changes nothing" for team's plans.

Facing The Music

FFA board to review actions of top administrators in firing of Madildas coach.

Room To Grow

Wolverhampton bosses unveil plan to redevelop Molineux stadium.