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Volume 7 No. 149

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Volume 7 No. 115

Turning A Profit

Chelsea reports record revenue and profit in year-end '18 figures, fueled by the club's return to Champions League competition and £113M from player sales.

Landing A Yank

Chelsea lands U.S. int'l Christian Pulisic in record signing.

Drying Up

Qatar's new alcohol tax could be an issue for World Cup sponsors.

Just Rewards?

Richard Scudamore earns £4M bonus for negotiating Premier League's TV deal.


Rangers exec directors enjoy pay raises despite the club reporting "soaring losses" of nearly £14.3M.

Expansion Plan

FIFA's Infantino pushes for Qatar World Cup to increase to 48 teams.

The Money Trail

Everton puts together its financial plan to pay for new stadium

Drawing A Crowd

Open organizers "staggered" by public interest for event's return to Northern Ireland.