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Volume 10 No. 25


South Korea President Moon Jae-in said on Wednesday that the country is "pushing to ensure security" at next year's PyeongChang Winter Olympics "amid rising tensions" over North Korea's nuclear weapons programs, according to Christine Kim of REUTERS. In a meeting with IOC President Thomas Bach, Moon said that South Korea has "always hosted global sports events successfully despite being technically at war with the North," according to a South Korean presidential official. Moon said, "We are well aware of the concerns the IOC and the whole world have regarding the Korean peninsula. A successful hosting of the PyeongChang games would erase worries over security and show the world regional peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula." Bach, meanwhile, said that North Korean athletes "were so far competing in preliminary events, and would be able to compete in the Winter Games if they reached qualifying standards," the official said. As has become the tradition at the Olympics, South Korea "submitted a draft resolution for an Olympic Truce to start just before the Games," the official added. The resolution will be put to a vote at the UN General Assembly on Nov. 13 (REUTERS, 9/19).