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Volume 6 No. 216


Spanish sports daily AS has teamed up with Canal+ to launch a new app called Videogoles that will provide fans with updates and videos of goals scored in La Liga games broadcast by Canal+ -- both AS and Canal+ are owned by Prisa. The service will cost €4.49 ($6.16) for the rest of the current season and will offer goals from nine of 10 games each matchday, including all Barcelona and Real Madrid games. Videogoles will be available for iPhone and Android devices (AS, 2/24).

STES, the marketing arm of the Czech football association FACR, "has signed a new broadcasting rights deal for the country's Gambrinus Liga with local company Pragosport," according to Jaroslaw Adamowski of INSIDE WORLD FOOTBALL. The Czech company acquired the broadcasting rights for the top tier of the Czech professional football league for the next four years. The contract "will enter into force" in the '14-15 season. The amount of the contract "will not be disclosed, but the new terms are better than those from the previous deal signed with KPS Media." The new four-year contract is unofficially estimated to be worth CZK440M ($22M). At CZK110M ($5.5M) per season, this would represent an increase of 22.2% compared with the previous CZK90M ($4.5M)-per-season deal (INSIDE WORLD FOOTBALL, 2/24).

The "same old story" for all Spanish Football League (LFP) clubs, with the exceptions of Real Madrid and Barcelona, is that the "distribution of TV money becomes more unfair each year," according to Eduardo J. Castelao of EL MUNDO. Spain's government and the LFP are intending to "have more money from broadcast rights starting with the '16-17 season, and for the money to be distributed more evenly." The teams' current media contracts expire following the '14-15 season, but "the complex nature of the process could delay a new system from taking effect until '16." One example from the current system is La Liga Rayo Vallecano, which currently receives €19M ($26.1M) in TV revenue, but would receive around €30M ($41.2M) under the proposed new system. Currently, of the TV revenue of €800M ($1.1B) that La Liga teams earn, Real Madrid and Barcelona both receive €140M ($192M), which represents 35% of the total. The rest of the clubs receive an amount between Rayo Vallecano's €19M and the €44M ($60.4M) that Atlético and Valencia receive. How "would the new distribution work?" It could be "very similar to Serie A." Of the €850M ($1.2B) available to Serie A clubs, 40% is distributed evenly among the teams and 30% is divided up based on the populations of the cities where the teams play and the size of the fanbases of each team. The other 30% is distributed based on how teams finished in the previous year's standings. According to "the club's own calculations, under the proposed distribution model," Atlético would receive €60M ($82.3M) instead of the €44M it currently receives, representing an increase of 17%. The LFP's intention is for "the club that receives the least -- currently, the leader makes 12 times more than the club receiving the least -- to receive 4.5 times less money than the top club" (EL MUNDO, 2/24).

Spain's Supreme Court has ordered French newspaper Le Monde to pay damages of €300,000 ($411,270) to Real Madrid and €15,000 ($20,586) to Barcelona for "linking the football clubs to a notorious doping doctor, Eufemiano Fuentes," who was implicated in the Operation Puerto doping case, according to MARCA. Le Monde wrote in Dec. '06 that it had "seen handwritten notes by Fuentes over 'preparation plans'" for Real Madrid and Barcelona. Le Monde "had appealed to the Supreme Court" after provincial courts "ruled in favor of the Spanish giants." Barcelona had "sued for the same amount as Madrid but received less due to a technical oversight in its complaint" (MARCA, 2/24).

German sports network Sport1 "has obtained high ratings for its broadcast of the Olympics Gold Medal hockey match between Canada and Sweden," according to Alexander Krei of DWDL. A total of 380,000 tuned in to watch the game on Sunday afternoon. In the target demographic 14-49, Sport1 obtained a 3.6% market share for its hockey broadcast. Ahead of the hockey match, Sport1 attracted an average of 910,000 viewers to its football talk show "Doppelpass," which started at 11am. The show obtained a 6.3% market share in the target demographic. In addition, German public broadcaster ARD, which also aired the hockey game, attracted an average of 2.65 million viewers to its coverage of Canada's 3-0 win. The number equaled an 18.4% market share. ARD's coverage of the four-man bobsled competition, which aired ahead of the hockey match, was watched by 3.21 million viewers and had a 24.3% share on Sunday morning.

EURO DRAW: German news channel n-tv, which aired the Euro 2016 qualifying draw, attracted an average of 140,000 viewers starting at 11:45am. The number translated into a market share of 1%. In the target demographic, n-tv obtained a 1.8% market share (DWDL, 2/24).

Diego Maradona will comment on World Cup games as a broadcaster for Venezuelan channel Telesur. Maradona said, "I just signed the most exciting contract of my career." Maradona "had been negotiating the contract for more than a month" with Telesur, which is based in Venezuela but is available throughout Latin America and in some European countries. Maradona will call the World Cup games along with broadcaster Víctor Hugo Morales (CLARIN, 2/24). ... New Zealand pay-TV network Sky Network Television posted a 22% gain in first half profit. Net profit increased to NZ$82.1M in the six months that ended Dec. 31 (3NEWS, 2/24).