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Volume 10 No. 24


FC Barcelona's directors have "reportedly been told construction of a new Camp Nou" stadium may cost around €1.2B ($1.65B), according to FOOTBALL ESPANA. The University of Barcelona recently threw plans "into doubt" when it denied that is negotiating with the club regarding a new stadium on University of Barcelona property. Barcelona Economic VP Javier Faus said on Monday that remodeling Camp Nou would require an investment of €300M ($413M), while building a new stadium would cost more than €600M ($826M) (FOOTBALL ESPANA, 12/12). In Barcelona, Fernando Polo reported that the €300M cost of renovation and €600M cost of a new stadium came from "estimates made in '10." Faus said, "Now, the prices of these projects will increase." Several "exec sources" have indicated that a renovation project would now cost €500M-€600M ($688M-$825M), while building a new stadium would cost approximately €1.2B. The price increase "would come in part because of the re-urbanization in the area around Camp Nou." In the case of "building a new stadium, Barcelona would have to spend a lot of money to buy the land necessary to do so." Under "these circumstances," the renovation option is "probably what Barcelona's board will choose in January" (MUNDO DEPORTIVO, 12/12).

Candy company Trolli GmbH "will continue to make payments on its stadium naming-rights deal with 2nd Bundesliga club Greuther Fürth but only until June 30," according to Martin Schano of NORDBAYERN. The lawyers of Trolli and the club "reached an agreement before the case would have gone to court." Trolli "decided to stop its naming-rights payments on June 30 after the club announced last year that it would not build a new stadium but extend its current stadium lease until 2040." Fürth Managing Dir Holger Schwiewagner said, "The club, however, believed the contract was automatically extended until 2015." After the agreement was announced, Schwiewagner added, "Now we know what is going on, and we can start looking for a new naming-rights sponsor." The naming-rights deal has an estimated value of €600,000 ($825,000) per season (NORDBAYERN, 12/12).

League Championship side Queens Park Rangers unveiled plans for a 40,000-seat stadium as part of a major regeneration project in the Old Oak area of West London. The announcement follows London Mayor Boris Johnson's statement that turning the Old Oak neighborhood into a new world-class city quarter is one of his main regeneration priorities and that a Mayoral Development Corporation is to be set up to promote it. The club hopes the stadium will be the catalyst that will eventually bring about the creation of a residential and commercial area covering several hundreds of acres, ultimately generating 50,000 jobs and 24,000 homes. QPR Chair Tony Fernandes said, "Loftus Road is -- and always will be -- a special place for the club and our supporters, but we need more than an 18,000 capacity. With no option of expanding here, we have to look elsewhere and we welcome the Mayor’s and Hammersmith & Fulham Council’s commitment to regenerate the area, which includes an option to develop a new stadium at Old Oak as a key catalyst to bring forward redevelopment, cementing our future in this part of West London" (QPR).