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Volume 6 No. 212


In a development of far reaching consequences, "corruption-tainted persons will no longer be eligible to contest" in the Indian Olympic Association elections under the revised draft constitution of the IOA sent by its parent body, the IOC, according to the PTI. The world body laid down the provisions concerning the election process of the IOA, "setting up of three key commissions, voting rights of the National Sports Federations and state Olympic bodies and the contentious age and tenure rules, among others." Concerning the election of Exec Council members, the revised draft Constitution said, "To be eligible as an office-bearer or member of the Executive Council, a member must: be a citizen of India; be in full possession of his/her civil rights; not face charges framed against him/her by any court in India, in respect of a criminal or corruption offense which would be punishable with imprisonment if he/she was convicted; not have been convicted of any criminal or corruption offense." The IOC has left it to the discretion of the IOA whether to include age and tenure restrictions in the Constitution, "a development which may run into collision with the Sports Code of the government" (PTI, 8/15).