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Volume 6 No. 214

Events and Attractions

Police, army patrols and checkpoints "will beef up security" at Libya's first home int'l football match in more than two years on Friday after FIFA "lifted a ban despite violence still plaguing the North African state," according to Amara & Gumuchian of REUTERS. Libya "will play the Democratic Republic of Congo in a World Cup qualifier in the capital Tripoli." While life "has returned to normal since the chaos of the eight month uprising, security remains precarious in a country still awash with weapons left over from the conflict." Head of Tripoli security spokesperson Mohammed Abu Abdila said there would be "enough" security forces at the game but did not give a number. He said, "We have been preparing for the game and we have enough men from all the security forces -- police, army, emergency forces -- there. There will be scanners for weapons and guns" (REUTERS, 6/3).

Dusseldorf, Germany "is interested in hosting the European Handball Federation Final4 event in its football stadium," according to RP ONLINE. EHF General Secretary Michael Wiederer said, "This is very interesting to me because it's a total different concept. We have to think about it." The EHF's contract with Cologne as the Final4 host expires in '14. The Cologne organizers have already said that "they are interested in continuing to host the event." Wiederer said, "We feel that we have good partners here. But we are obligated to scour the market. Besides all positive aspects, we also have a business obligation, and we want to put on the best possible event." Besides Dusseldorf, the Anschutz Entertainment Group, which owns arenas in Hamburg, Berlin and London, "is also interested in hosting the EHF Final4." The federation "will decide on a future host at the end of the year" (RP ONLINE, 6/2).

Beach volleyball "will not return to London this summer after Volleyball England failed to attain enough commercial backing for the project," according to Nick Hope of the BBC. In April, the sports int'l governing body, FIVB, "listed the capital as a host for a women's world tour event" from Aug. 14-18. However, the organizers fell around £350,000 ($537,000) "short of the half a million pounds worth of funding they needed." British beach volleyball player Zara Dampney said, "I'm really disappointed. I was excited that the U.K. would have been able to see international beach volleyball again and it would have been another chance to compete at home." UK Sport is committed to investing around £27M ($41.4M) of National Lottery funds on its "Gold Event Series," which "aims to bring 70 major tournaments to Great Britain between 2013 and 2019." But "as the potential beach volleyball competition in London did not carry World Series status, it did not qualify for support" (BBC, 6/3).