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Volume 6 No. 216


The top brass of Turkey’s business community "may be among the most excited" to see Istanbul win the 2020 Olympics, but any victory for the city "will force businesses to decide how they can advertise themselves to stand out amongst international competition," according to TODAY'S ZAMAN. A marketing official at Sabancı Holding said, "The question you have is how do you attract the worldwide audience given to you by the event, while also differentiating yourself from other sponsors willing to spend tens of millions of dollars? It’s a blessing and a curse." Perception Strategist and Professor of Administrative Sciences and Economics at Koç University Semih Yalman said, "How much can your own brand stand out relies on what market you’re really targeting and how you choose to do the marketing." Although int'l sponsors are key "in helping to foot the massive bill the Olympics would undoubtedly bring, it also forces local companies to decide on the best possible marketing strategies to remain distinct in the sea of labels, brands, and product placements." The Sabancı marketing official said that "the largest spenders in Turkey are conglomerates groups like Sabancı itself that own a hard-to advertise range of companies, products and services." Istanbul Olympic Committee Chair Hasan Arat has said that more private companies are expected to come forward to support the funding of the Olympics, "though it will have to catch up if it wants to beat Tokyo’s powerful sponsorship pool." Tokyo has 16 official partners signed on and could secure $930M "in private funding if they win the bid" (TODAY'S ZAMAN, 3/11).

The Rio 2016 Organizing Committee has moved headquarters to a new sustainable building based in Cidade Nova. The new headquarters occupy an area of 20,938 square meters and will house the Rio 2016 and Municipal Olympic Company's teams until the Games are finished. The new building has rainwater harvesting and energy saving systems including low energy LED lighting, solar panels and air conditioning equipped with electromagnetic components (Rio 2016). ... Buenos Aires' bid to host the 2018 Youth Olympic Games "has been boosted after the city was ranked first in North and South America" for cities that have organized business meetings and events in the last decade by the Int'l Congress and Conventions Association (ISPORTCONNECT, 3/11). ... In the run-up to the World Cup and Olympics that Brazil will host in the next three years, manufacturing and construction company JCB has been handed the £40M ($59M) order for diggers "to help ensure that food reaches metropolitan areas as the country braces itself for millions of visitors" (LONDON TIMES, 3/11).