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Volume 10 No. 24


The notice of solicitation for the Maracanã stadium in Rio de Janeiro has put Brasileiro clubs Flamengo and Fluminense "in a comfortable position" when it comes to negotiating a contract with the stadium's future operator, according to Sabino & Burlá of LANCE NET. The notice states that the Maracanã's operator must have a deal with two of Rio's big four teams for the contract with the state government to be valid. This gives Flamengo and Fluminense negotiating power as "neither club currently has a home ground." Both played a significant number of their games in the Maracanã before it began undergoing construction. Another advantage for the clubs is that the if the winning bidder for the rights to operate the stadium does not reach a deal with two clubs within 90 days of the bidding process having closed, "the government can start a new bidding process or give the operating rights to the company which finished second in the initial bidding process" (LANCE NET, 2/27).

MORE DETAILS: UOL's Vinicius Konchinski reported that the Maracanã's privatization "should reduce the number of games played in the stadium annually by 45%." The Rio state government wants to preserve the arena as "a temple of world football" and ordered that the future operators "significantly reduce" the number of games played in the arena. The government fixed 40 as the "ideal" number of games the stadium would host per season. In '09, the last year the Maracanã was in use before undergoing its renovations, it hosted 72 games. The company that wins the bidding process for the arena, to be revealed on April 11, will have to pay R$4.5M ($2.3M) annually to the state of Rio. Furthermore, it will have to invest R$594M ($300M) in reforms around the stadium (UOL, 2/27).  UOL's Vinícius Segalla reported the Rio government's deal with the operator will be for 35 years (UOL, 2/26).

The financial recovery of German 3rd League side Alemannia Aachen has suffered another blow, according to the MEDIA SPORTSERVICE WEST. The club revealed that the shareholders of the Tivoli Stadium "have not assured the team that it will be allowed to use the facility during the upcoming season." The team struggles to come up with the almost €2M ($2.6M) a year, which the main shareholder charges the club for the usage of the stadium. The problem is that without a home ground the club will not get a license to the 3rd League or even the Regionalliga (fourt-tier) (MEDIA SPORTSERVICE WEST, 2/27).

EPL clubs ManU and Liverpool are "being eyed for a future appearance at Bank of America Stadium," according to a source cited by Erik Spanberg of the CHARLOTTE BUSINESS JOURNAL. The game would "come as part of the increased access the city will get to the NFL stadium as part of the deal being negotiated with local and state government for public funding of improvements to the facility." Terms of the stadium proposal endorsed by the Charlotte City Council "call for the city, working through the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority, to use the stadium rent-free for five days each year." One of the dates will be "used for the Belk Bowl college football game," while the other four dates would be "available any time during the NFL off-season, between January and June." CRVA CEO Tom Murray said, "We’ll have to look at what kinds of events are out there, but we’re thinking soccer, lacrosse, big events like that." He added that it is "too early to say which specific events might be targeted for the city's stadium dates." He said that "little has been done because the negotiations on the stadium renovations and public financing remain in the early stages" (, 2/26).