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Volume 6 No. 214


Russia fitness club chain World Class has become a supplier to the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi in the fitness services and fitness equipment categories. World Class will fully organize the work of five gyms. Life Fitness will equip all five gyms with state of the art equipment and will be responsible for its installation and maintenance. The companies will be able to make use of their status as suppliers to the Sochi 2014 Games during marketing and advertising campaigns (Sochi 2014).

MONEY IN THE BANK: Meanwhile, RUSSIA TODAY reported the Russian Central Bank "has issued into circulation 700,000 Sochi 2014 bullion coins." All the coins "have a square-cut form and depict the Russian double-headed eagle on one side and a white bear, one of the Sochi 2014 mascots, on the other." The issues include 300,000 silver coins with the value of 3 roubles ($0.10), 300,000 gold coins with a nominal value of 50 roubles ($1.60) and 100,000 gold coins worth 100 roubles ($3.25) (RT, 12/18).