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Top Ten....You Can Call Me Al

Last nights Top Ten list was “Top Ten Other Al Roker Revelations.” CBS’ David Letterman said of Al Roker, “He’s got a fascinating book detailing his life and his battles with his weight and he’s included a story, kind of a humorous anecdote that he tells on himself, about being at the White House covering something presidential and something just lets go. With that revelation in mind and its hard now to dismiss that revelation from your mind, we have other embarrassing Al Roker revelations” (“Late Show,” CBS, 1/8).

10) “Big ‘One Direction’ fan.”
9) “Joined the Mile High Club in the NBC traffic copter.”
8) “Had stomach stapled, kidneys paperclipped.”
7) “Gets his forecast by watching the Weather Channel.”
6) “Willard Scott has nailed half the 100th birthday ladies.”
5) “Disqualified from weather Hall of Fame for gambling on the heat index.”
4) “Regularly takes a leak in Matt Lauer’s dressing room.”
3) “Gained 200 pounds to land the heavy-set weatherman gig.”
2) “NBC once walked in on him rokering himself.”
1) “Thinks ‘cumulonimbus’ is something you do for your wife.”