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Volume 24 No. 156
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Marketplace Roundup

The Oregon Partnership, a nonprofit anti-drug group, has joined Boston Mayor Thomas Menino in "calling out Nike for selling T-shirts" with the slogans "Dope" and "Get High." Oregon Partnership Communications Manager Tom Parker said, "The message is a broad wink at drug use. Somebody was thinking, 'We want to be edgy and be in with what the kids are doing,' and they just stepped over the line." In Portland, Allan Brettman noted the T-shirts are "part of the Nike 6.0 campaign launched earlier this month" devoted to action sports. Nike Senior Manager for Global Public Affairs Erin Dobson said, "The shirts are part of the larger campaign and will remain on sale through the duration of that campaign" (, 6/22).

DRINK IT UP: Zico Pure Premium Coconut Water and NFL Players today announced a deal making Zico the official coconut water of pro football players. The brand will have a presence at NFL Players events, in its social platforms and will have direct access to NFL players (Zico). As part of the deal, Zico "must deliver free coconut water to all players who request it as they try to stay in shape during the lockout" (WALL STREET JOURNAL, 6/23).

: LOCOG officials have estimated that sales of Great Britain's Olympic soccer team jerseys made by adidas could net US$12.7M in revenue, "raising a significant proportion of the merchandise target" of US$143.8M. LOCOG officials "have calculated that the combination of British passion for football and the engrained culture of buying replica-shirts makes the Team GB version potentially one of the best-selling items of the games." The England national soccer team's red jerseys "have been the biggest selling kits of all time, and with David Beckham likely to be recruited as one of the over-age players in the Team GB squad there is an expectation that the Olympic version could sell in huge numbers" (London TELEGRAPH, 6/23).

THE GLORY OF GLOVE: YAHOO SPORTS' Graham Watson reported Notre Dame and Nebraska -- both sponsored by adidas -- "posted pictures of the new gloves that will be worn with the 2011 uniforms." The ND gloves "have white palms and together the hands form the Fighting Irish logo." The Nebraska gloves "come together to form the 'Blackshirts' skull and crossbones insignia." Watson wrote the gloves are "definitely Adidas's attempt to match Nike's 'Pro Combat' line of uniforms," and they add "some unexpected flair" to the ND and Nebraska uniforms (, 6/22).