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Volume 24 No. 157
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     Several members of the Yankees, including JIM LEYRITZ,
BERNIE WILLIAMS and WADE BOGGS, made cameo appearances on "Late
Show" with David Letterman last night.  The players stood on
stage, greeted by a standing ovation, and waved to the audience.
Manager JOE TORRE was Letterman's guest.   Letterman, on the
Yankees close Game Five 1-0 win: "How do you live through 162 of
those games?"  "See this," Torre said, leaning over and pointed
to his bald spot.  At the end of the segment, the Yankee players
ran out with champagne bottles and dowsed and sprayed Torre.
Yankees Owner George Steinbrenner is scheduled to be a guest
tonight.  Letterman, on today's parade: "I think this is kind of
sad.  I don't know that this is fair.  After the parade the New
York Mets have to clean up" ("Late Show," CBS, 10/28).