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Volume 23 No. 40

Monday, August 10, 2020

Volume 23 No. 18

YinzCam's Priya Narasimhan has designs on doing, well, everything

Narasimhan, the multifaceted CEO and founder of YinzCam, is guiding the Pittsburgh-based app developer as it continues to expand its global reach during the pandemic.

Producing the MLS inside the bubble is more like a science project

Over the past month, MLS is Back has forced the league to rethink how it produces, distributes and captures content while adhering to pandemic-inspired protocols.

NFL agent wins a tough battle against COVID-19

ProStar Sports co-founder Paul Sheehy emerged victorious and grateful for health care workers and the outpouring of support he received after a 25-day hospital stay.

Will bettors flock to baseball, basketball the way they did to table tennis?

The breakaway success of table tennis underscored the power of live betting, which sportsbooks hope will translate in the coming months with the return of major sports.

Around the block: Union gig prepared Eric Winston

Former NFLPA president steps into new role as chief partnerships officer at OneTeam Partners, the agency created by the NFLPA, MLBPA and RedBird Capital Partners.