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Volume 23 No. 24

Monday, June 22, 2020

Volume 23 No. 12

MLB’s power struggle: Behind the labor talks and the clash of personalities

MLB said the framework of a deal was in place. The union emphatically disputed that characterization. The truth, then, was that even if and when play resumes, this is part of a familiar tug of war that portends even more acrimony.

Make-up game: Sponsors seeking clarity on assets

For those selling sponsorship assets across sports, the pandemic shift has been jarring. Shifting from no games to no home games has transformed the process from selling assets to one of fulfilling make-goods.

Technology could take security and sanitation efforts to the next level

When it comes to sports facility security and sanitation, no idea is too far-fetched as companies flood the market with products and services aimed at lowering a facility’s potential to spread disease.

Health care: Marketing from the front lines

With medical facilities facing new and unprecedented strains on resources, we gathered six top health care marketers from across the country to discuss how their businesses — and the connections between sports marketing and medicine — are transforming.

NFL won’t bow down in face of political pressure

The nationwide protests against police brutality have reignited the political feud that threatened to consume the NFL three years ago. But the NFL no longer fears President Donald Trump’s bully pulpit.

Willie O’Ree and the power of a pioneer

A 2019 documentary about the NHL’s first black player has a message that is resonating in the moment.