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Volume 23 No. 24

Monday, April 13, 2020

Volume 23 No. 2

Venues, teams losing out on millions of fans, billions in game-day spending

Atlanta Hawks CEO Steve Koonin knows there’s little he can do to in the face of lost games and revenue. “The losses will be the losses,” Koonin said. “How we respond is going to matter more than however big that number may be.”

Nashville SC and Inter Miami CF adjust to strange expansion year

Of MLS’s 26 teams, it is the two expansion teams in Nashville and Miami that are feeling particular strain as they try to launch franchises in a challenging environment.

Sponsors find value in NASCAR esports series

The combination of solid viewership and lack of competing live sports events has given NASCAR teams the opportunity to bring on new sponsors for these virtual events.

Fall could be great for viewers, not so great for selling TV ads

The possibility of a stacked calendar would have the NFL, college football, MLB, NBA, NHL, golf, tennis and more competing against each other. That’s great for TV viewers; not so much for the networks selling ads in a crowded marketplace.

A new reality powered by artificial intelligence

The challenges ahead for the sports industry will expedite the growth and impact of artificial intelligence, the result of technology meeting demand.