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Volume 23 No. 8

Monday, March 9, 2020

Volume 22 No. 46

PGA Tour wraps up 9-year media deals

In what promises to be a historic year for media rights, the PGA Tour struck first, securing 9-year deals with CBS, NBC and Golf Channel for around $700M per year.

Key to event cancellation coverage is in wording

The specter of having to cancel events due to the coronavirus has grown, and experts say that only the properties with proper insurance will stave off substantial losses.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium’s cashless move brings higher per caps

The venue’s first season of going cashless provided substantial cost savings and delivered a double-digit jump in per cap spending.

Gonzaga hoops: Where few have gone before

Gonzaga Athletic Director Mike Roth has driven the Bulldogs from mid-major Cinderella to college basketball royalty with consistency, focus and steadfast ideals.

Champions 2020: Jim Steeg

For more than a quarter-century he ran events at the NFL and played a major role in turning the league’s championship from a one-day affair into a worldwide phenomenon.

Crowning Achievement: John Sherman buys in with Royals

“People don’t say congratulations, they say thank you,” said Sherman, an entrepreneur who grew up an Army brat before moving to Kansas City more than 40 years ago.