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New Voices Under 30: Bradley Fain

Photo: Mike Lawrence / @mikelawrencesports
Photo: Mike Lawrence / @mikelawrencesports
Photo: Mike Lawrence / @mikelawrencesports

Bradley Fain

Director, Ticket Sales, BSE Global


Age: 27
Born: Springfield, Ohio
Education: Ohio University, B.S., sport management

About you

Could not go a day without: My phone! This is probably a common answer, but it’s a one-stop shop for contacting friends and family, entertainment on subway rides, cranking through work emails, and even shopping.

Go-to person when you need help: This is an area where I’d consider myself extremely lucky. There’s not one designated person that I go to when I need help as I have an incredible support system. I also seek a lot of advice so I’d feel pretty bad if I unloaded all of my burdens on one person, although Julie, my significant other, would claim she gets more than what she’d want! 

In 10 years I hope to be … : Still working in sports and helping to grow those around me.

I think the ‘entitled’ label comes from my generation actively planning their future by initiating the conversation and voicing their desire to grow, which is something previous generations consider taboo.

In the Industry

Most exciting aspect of sports business: I’m most excited about the direction that the sports industry is going. There’s so much more potential for the industry and I can’t wait to see more teams adopt technology, unique experiences, the use of data, and frequent training. 

Questions for networking: When I network, I want to get to know the person. I like to ask questions that help me understand where the person is from and what they like to do, to establish commonalities and build rapport. Some of my first questions include: Where are you from? Where did you go to school? What do you do?

How should sports address social issues? I think the industry should use our powerful stage to draw attention to areas of injustice, shortcomings, inequities, disservices or unawareness. If we can use sports as a tool to bring people together and advance society, I think we should. 

Sports industry needs to do a better job of … : Not allowing the “allure” of a brand or logo skew judgment in the form of decision-making, budgeting, hiring, training, investing and innovating.