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Volume 23 No. 14

Monday, November 18, 2019

Volume 22 No. 32

WarnerMedia’s Jeff Zucker shares his approach to rapidly changing industry

With eight months under his belt as the chairman of WarnerMedia's news and sports division, Zucker details how he plans to navigate sports media's churning waters.

Avatars star in Genies Inc. strategy

For professional athletes who don’t have time to participate in every brand deal that comes their way, Genies has a solution: Let your avatar do the work.

Remembering Bernstein: ‘He loved everybody and everybody loved him’

Former colleagues and friends share their memories of popular TV and college sports veteran Donn Bernstein, who died last month at 83.

Next phase of premium: Teams, venues go deeper in their offerings

As teams and venues continue to experiment with their premium seating options and amenities, flexibility and ultra-exclusive experiences remain priorities.

Mid-tier schools make big statements with stadium construction

Just like their much-larger brethren, these colleges feel the need to bolster game-day amenities through upgrades that can generate revenue.

Bud Light offers case study in approach to viral moments

Bud Light's handling of a fan moment from the World Series illustrates how critical it is for brands to remain nimble and creative in the age of social media.