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Volume 22 No. 43

Monday, May 13, 2019

Volume 22 No. 6

Los Angeles 2028’s big sales push

LA 2028 and NBC Sports provided new details about sponsorship offerings and how their sales collaboration will work. Among the top points: It’s not a true bundle.

Data tells the story

As part of the rapid expansion in staffing and sophistication in front offices, there is also increasing emphasis to broaden the use of analytics.

Shanks: What Fox Sports sees in gaming

Fox Sports CEO and executive producer Eric Shanks sat down with SBJ to discuss his network’s foray into gambling. The network will launch an app this fall that will allow real-money wagers.

NFL fan survey shows good and bad trends for league

A Horizon Media poll of more than 1,400 18- to 64-year-old fans revealed mixed signals when it comes to questions of fair play on and off the field.

Many challenges, few answers for future of women’s hockey

Future of women’s pro hockey in North America in doubt after series of problems with ownership, sustainability.