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Volume 22 No. 19
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We asked the Forty Under 40: My favorite vacation spot is … (and why)

Christopher Benyarko

Italy, because of the food.


Daniel Cohen

Israel, the combination of meaningful history, sunshine and endless hummus.


Gideon Cohen

Florida. My wife is from South Florida so we have her parents as automatic babysitters if we want to sneak away.


Russ D’Souza

I don’t have a favorite. I love exploring more than returning to the same spot. Next on my list is Japan. Can’t wait!


Camilo Durana

An isolated and dog-friendly beach.


Flathead Lake, Montana
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David Foster

Cartagena, Colombia. Great food, weather, history and culture.


Lloyd Frischer

Turks & Caicos for its great beaches and great food. 


Libby Geist

Shelter Island, N.Y. My best memories are being there with an overflowing house full of friends and family. 


Michael Goldstein

Cape Cod. I’ve been going there my whole life.


Al Guido

Italy (if I have awhile), The One and Only — Cabo for quick trip.


The Outer Banks, North Carolina
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Amanda Herald

Flathead Lake in Montana. Horses and happy family memories.


Broderick Hicks

Napa, just like anyone who loves food and wine.


Bill Hudock

Bethany Beach, because my kids love it.


Martin Jarmond

Somewhere on a beach with cocktails where I cannot get cell reception.


Shelby Jordan

Mammoth Mountain, because the view from the top of Chair 9 never gets old and the ride down from there is epic.


Stephanie Joukoff

Graeagle, Calif., because it’s timeless with a beautiful small-town feeling that hasn’t changed much in the last 60 years that my family has been going there for vacation. 


Tucker Kain

Lake Winnipesaukee, N.H. My family has spent a lot of summers on the lake over the years.


Matt Kalish

Playa del Carmen.


Brian Kantarian

Quogue, N.Y. An amazing little beach town and only a 90-minute drive from NYC.


Tim Katz

Tahoe. Grew up going there and have continued the tradition with my own family. 


Christopher Lee

Maui. My wife and kids love it.


Zach Leonsis

Palm Beach, Fla., because there’s just something so relaxing and disarming about being on the ocean with family.


Devi Mahadevia

Naoshima, Japan. A small island in the Seto Inland Sea. The beautifully designed museums, outdoor art installations and unique architecture are absolutely breathtaking. 


Will McIntosh

Anywhere with family — skiing in Park City, Utah, or relaxed weekend in sleepy beach town (New Smyrna Beach, Fla.).


Chad Menefee

Ocean Isle, N.C. North Carolina has the best beaches in the world. My family has been going there since I was 5 years old.


Nate Nanzer

The Sierra Nevada mountains. Nothing better than quality time on the hill with family.


Peter Nelson

Somewhere I’ve never traveled to learn more.


Ashley Page

Thailand. Amazing beaches and the best food/flavors in the world.


Jake Reynolds

Newport Beach, Calif. My family has been vacationing there for 20 years and it is my happy place.


Whalen Rozelle

Japan. Great food, easy transportation options, top-notch hospitality and wonderful culture.


Patrick Ryan

My couch, because I travel enough as is for work.


Frank Saviano

Martha’s Vineyard, Mass. Great summer vacation spot with my family.


Rob Schneider

Lake Michigan. Best beaches in the U.S.


Daniel Sillman

Aspen, because I love to ski and there is not a better place to do it.


Sara Slane

I love Southern California. Laguna. And I love Italy. 


Positano, Italy
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Joe Smith

Positano, Italy. The laid-back lifestyle, eating Italian seafood, drinking wine and enjoying breathtaking views of the Amalfi Coast. 


Cartagena, Colombia
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Fabian Stechel

Southern Spain and Outer Banks, N.C.


Eric Sudol

A vague but true answer … give me the mountains or anything historical (e.g. Europe).


Morgan Sword

Jackson Hole, Wyo.


Keli Zinn

The Bahamas. It’s tropical, easy to travel to, there’s blackjack and interruptions are limited to iMessages.