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Forty Under 40 memories: Scott O'Neil

Photo: Courtesy of Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment


Chief Executive Officer, Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment  

Member of the Forty Under 40 Hall of Fame after being selected in 2005, 2006 and 2007 when he was a senior vice president at the NBA.


What do you remember most about being named to Forty Under 40?

I remember being thankful and appreciative for all those who believed in me, who took a chance on me when there were more than a few sure bets that would have been safer, were patient with my missteps and falls; those who even encouraged me to stretch, reach and grow, and those who loved me for who I am rather than knocking me for who I was not and never could be.  


What impact did it have on your career?

Truly, one of the greatest gifts the honor bestows is the connectivity it brings you with other honorees in your Forty Under 40 class. It becomes one more incredible network of executives with whom you will find yourself connecting over the course of your career. A much greater gift now is seeing those I work with be recognized alongside the constellation of stars that night.


What does being selected for Forty Under 40 mean for professional development of young executives?

Remember that this is a moment in time on your journey through life and your career. The best leaders I have met in business and at home never stop learning because the world keeps evolving and providing opportunities to learn and grow. This is a time where intellectual curiosity rules. Read more. Ask more questions. Engage in active debate. Continue learning and growing.


Are there any other thoughts/memories about Forty Under 40 that you would like to share?

Abe brings such a fun element to the evening and has a unique way of bringing the industry together through stories, a few jokes and a lot of laughs. Put your phones away (except for photos) and engage and enjoy your night, because tomorrow — it is back to the grind.