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Volume 22 No. 35
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We asked each of the Forty Under 40: They’re making a movie of your life. Is it a drama or comedy, and who plays you?

Christopher Benyarko

Comedy and anyone who is a sports fan.

Daniel Cohen

Comedy, anyone but Carrot Top.

Gideon Cohen

Comedy … Bradley Cooper (only because it would allow my wife to finally meet him).

Russ D'Souza

Comedy for sure. Dev Patel would be great, although I wish I had his hair!

David Foster

Drama and Michael B. Jordan.

Lloyd Frischer

Definitely a comedy. Adam Sandler.

Libby Geist

A comedy, starring Will Ferrell.

Michael Goldstein

Comedy and John Krasinski.

Al Guido

Drama, Tom Hardy.

Amanda Herald

Dark comedy. I would be equally thrilled with J Law or J Lo.

Broderick Hicks

It would be a dramedy and the actor would be Jay Ellis, who plays Lawrence on HBO’s “Insecure.”

Bill Hudock

Drama and Matthew McConaughey.

Martin Jarmond

Drama, John Legend.

Shelby Jordan

Comedy, played by Idris Elba (my wife loves him).

Stephanie Joukoff

Comedy, Kate Hudson.

Tucker Kain

Definitely a comedy, and if we’re going comedy I’m doing everything I can to get Will Ferrell to play me. He’s the best.

Matt Kalish

It’s a comedy, probably with somebody like John C. Reilly.

Brian Kantarian

Comedy, Jonah Hill.

Tim Katz

Comedy, John Krasinski.

Christopher Lee

Comedy and John Cho from “Harold & Kumar.”

Zach Leonsis

It’s probably a comedy. Now that I’m married, perhaps it’s a romantic comedy? Who plays me? Someone once told me that I look like Elijah Wood, so maybe him although being compared to the Hobbit wasn’t the most exciting thing I’ve ever been told. If I had my way, I’d pick someone like Mark Wahlberg.

Devi Mahadevia

Comedy, Priyanka Chopra.

Will McIntosh

Let’s go action/comedy — Jason Statham.

Chad Menefee

A comedy starring Jeff Goldblum.

Nate Nanzer

Definitely a comedy starring Seth Rogan.

Peter Nelson

My life rights aren’t for sale, SBJ.

Ashley Page

It would be a dramedy with elements of drama, comedy and all the pieces in between that make life beautiful and I would be played by Amandla Stenberg (young me) and Kerry Washington (current me).

Jake Reynolds

Definitely a comedy and the actor would be cousin Ryan Reynolds (not really my cousin, but seems like a fun guy to hang out with).

Whalen Rozelle

It’s an uplifting Moneyball-esque movie with comedic elements starring my Hollywood doppelganger who can bring the laughs: Seth McFarlane.

Patrick Ryan

It is definitely a dramatic comedy — some ups and downs but overall the funny and bright moments outshine the others. Since the movie isn’t likely to warrant big studio attention, I’d like to give myself a shot at playing the role.

Frank Saviano

Comedy, Benny from the “The Sandlot.” He’s the only actor I’ve ever been told I look like.

Rob Schneider

Drama and Rob Schneider, of course.

Daniel Sillman

Dramedy, Mark Wahlberg.

Sara Slane

God, I hope it’s not a drama. Maybe a dramedy with a happy ending. Sandra Bullock.

Joe Smith

Sitcom, starring (a younger) Ty Burrell.

Fabian Stechel

Definitely a comedy, Will Ferrell.

Eric Sudol

It’s a drama and I have to say Jim Carrey because people say I look like him.

Morgan Sword

A comedy starring Ron Howard.

Keli Zinn

Drama. Sandra Bullock.