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Volume 22 No. 35
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Forty Under 40: Recommended reading

Christopher Benyarko

“The Lean Startup,” by Eric Ries

Gideon Cohen

“The Obstacle is The Way,” by Ryan Holiday

Russ D'Souza

“How the Internet Happened,” by Brian McCullough

Camilo Durana

“Dethroning the King,” by Julie MacIntosh

David Foster

“The Undoing Project,” by Michael Lewis

Lloyd Frischer

“A Father First: How My Life Became Bigger Than Basketball,” by Dwyane Wade

Libby Geist

“Americanah,” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Michael Goldstein

“The Miracle of St. Anthony: A Season with Coach Bob Hurley and Basketball’s Most Improbable Dynasty,” by Adrian Wojnarowski

Al Guido

“The Hard Thing about Hard Things,” by Ben Horowitz

Amanda Herald

“All Our Wrong Todays,” by Elan Mastai

Broderick Hicks

“Outliers: The Story of Success,” by Malcolm Gladwell

Bill Hudock

“The Old Man and the Sea,” by Ernest Hemingway

Martin Jarmond

“Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less,” by Greg McKeown

Shelby Jordan

“The Contrarian’s Guide to Leadership,” by Steven B. Sample

Stephanie Joukoff

“Shoe Dog,” by Phil Knight

Tucker Kain

“Good to Great,” by Jim Collins

Matt Kalish

“The Four Agreements,” by Don Miguel Ruiz

Brian Kantarian

“Shantaram,” by Gregory David Roberts

Tim Katz

“Dragons Love Tacos,” by Adam Rubin

Christopher Lee

“West by West: My Charmed, Tormented Life,” by Jerry West

Zach Leonsis

“Sapiens,” by Yuval Noah Harari

Devi Mahadevia

“Becoming,” by Michelle Obama

Will McIntosh

“High Output Management,” by Andrew Grove; “Mindset,” by Carol Dweck

Chad Menefee

“Endurance,” by Alfred Lansing

Nate Nanzer

“Brotopia,” by Emily Chang

Peter Nelson

“The Power Broker,” by Robert Caro

Ashley Page

“The Gifts of Imperfection,” by Brené Brown

Jake Reynolds

“The Five Dysfunctions of a Team,” by Patrick Lencioni

Whalen Rozelle

“The Stormlight Archive” series, by Brandon Sanderson

Patrick Ryan

“Good to Great,” by Jim Collins

Frank Saviano

“Born to Run,” by Bruce Springsteen

Rob Schneider

“The Lessons of History,” by Ariel and Will Durant

Daniel Sillman

“Pour Your Heart Into It,” by Howard Schultz

Sara Slane

“And the Band Played On,” by Randy Shilts

Joe Smith

“How Bad Do You Want It?: Mastering the Psychology of Mind Over Muscle,” by Matt Fitzgerald

Fabian Stechel

“Power of One: A Novel,” by Bryce Courtenay

Eric Sudol

“How to Win Friends & Influence People,” by Dale Carnegie

Morgan Sword

“The Reason I Jump,” by Naoki Higashida

Keli Zinn

“Lean In,” by Sheryl Sandberg