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Volume 22 No. 23
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Heard at Game Changers

Photo: Marc Bryan-Brown

Don Garber

Commissioner, MLS

“We didn’t need the Rooney rule because [diversity hiring] became part of the fabric of who we were and it’s the culture today. I wholeheartedly believe as I walk through our office and see a staff that reflects the fan base and the country, it gives me as much pride as anything we’ve accomplished. … As an industry, I think we’ve done a better job, but I’d say we’re in the third chapter of a 10-chapter book.”


Photo: Marc Bryan-Brown

Bea Perez

Senior VP, Coca-Cola, on Nike’s campaign with Colin Kaepernick

“They are a thoughtful, deliberate business that does a lot of research, a lot of testing. They probably thought about this campaign for two years, and it sounds like they were waiting for the right moment.”



Photo: Marc Bryan-Brown

Cathy Lanier

Chief Security Officer, NFL 

“Mobile ticketing, mobile credentials, everything we have is going to be on our phones, so that presents a huge digital forensic role for everything we do. It’s a huge part of our responsibility now.”




Photo: Marc Bryan-Brown

Claude Silver

Chief Heart Officer, VaynerMedia

“Culture exists in the shadows.”





Photo: Marc Bryan-Brown

Heidi Browning

Executive VP and CMO, NHL

Legalized gambling “will lead to startups that emerge out of nowhere around data, around analytics, around media and broadcasting. We’re going to see a lot of things we can’t even dream of yet that may enhance it or detract from it.”


Compiled by Michael Smith