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More stats and information, please

It’s amazing that the worst place for NFL fantasy updates often is inside an NFL stadium. During the Falcons’ home opener, it was frustratingly difficult to find any information on player performances beyond the Falcons and Rams.

The Georgia Dome offered no fantasy updates either on the video board or the LED ribbon around the seating bowl. My only other ability to track fantasy updates was via a smartphone, but the Wi-Fi slowed to a crawl once the stadium was full. By the time I exited the Georgia Dome after an otherwise thrilling win by the Falcons, I had no idea what was going on with my fantasy team.

Fans seeking fantasy and score updates went to their phones.
That really was the only significant disappointment of the day — the lack of information coming from other games. Scores were shown around the LED ribbon, but they disappeared from time to time for other displays. The scores also were hard to find because they were spaced all around the stadium, as opposed to being in one place.

In the entirety of the game, the Georgia Dome showed just two meager highlights, both at halftime. One play from Green Bay and one from Minnesota. Mostly, the highlights were just an excuse to put NFL Mobile and Verizon branding on the big screen. The branding took up half the screen, making the two highlights small and hard to see.

Fans had to go to their phones to get scores and fantasy updates. Speaking of which, Steven Jackson was injured in the first quarter and didn’t return. The only way fans knew that he had an injured thigh was from their phones and by word of mouth. You literally could hear people passing the word the old-fashioned way through the stands.

— Michael Smith