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Volume 20 No. 42
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AEG: Who’s in the Office of the Chairman?

Philip F. Anschutz, chairman
Dan Beckerman, president and CEO
Ted Fikre, vice chairman and chief legal and development officer
Jay Marciano, chief operating officer
Todd Goldstein, chief revenue officer
Steven Cohen, chief strategy officer

Who is Dan Beckerman?
A career snapshot of AEG’s new president and CEO

Dan Beckerman, 2009
■ Age: 43
Education: B.A., economics, UCLA, 1992; MBA, Anderson School at UCLA, 1996

Career moves
Accountant, Arthur Andersen, 1992-94
VP of finance, Los Angeles Clippers, 1995-97
VP and chief financial officer, Los Angeles Kings, 1997-2000
Executive vice president and chief financial officer, AEG, 2000-08
Chief operating officer and chief financial officer, AEG, 2008-13
Named AEG president and CEO on March 14

Business advice
“Shoot straight.” Also, “I never ask anyone on my team to do something that I would not be willing to do myself.” — Beckerman, 2008 and 2009

On the ground
Beckerman was outgoing President and CEO Tim Leiweke’s point man for AEG’s rapidly expanding global empire during the past decade-plus, during which he worked with financial institutions to raise more than $5 billion. He also was principally involved in putting the finishing touches on L.A. Live, AEG’s $400 million mixed-use development across the street from Staples Center, and has worked across virtually every aspect of AEG’s business, from raising capital and venue strategy to team budgets and real estate.

Inside takes through the years
“He put all of the enthusiasm and vision from Tim into a balance sheet and made sure it made sense. He in many ways is as responsible as Tim is for what has happened with AEG. He’s highly respected, and I think AEG is in extremely capable hands with Dan. If I had the financial resources of a Phil Anschutz, I would certainly entrust my wallet to Dan. He is as capable an individual as I have ever met.” — Richard Schaefer, Golden Boy Promotions CEO

“He is my long-range thinker, and for a guy as young as he is, it’s amazing that he sees the world 20 years out and not two years out. That shows an amazing amount of patience and maturity for him as a business leader.” — Tim Leiweke, 2009

“Throughout AEG’s life span, it’s been all about development and growth, but as we look forward, we are taking a more measured approach to new capital projects.” — Beckerman, 2009

“I think for us it’s always been about our international expansion and the relation between venues and the content that fills them. The way people view and enjoy content is always changing, but the live experience will always be critical to us.” — Beckerman, 2008

“Dan is the most unique financial guy I’ve ever met. He knows how to sell, he knows branding and marketing, he knows how to make deals. It’s been amazing to watch his growth, and he is as responsible as anyone for what AEG is today.” — Leiweke, 2008

“I’m a pretty hands-on manager. I get involved in a lot of the details in the day-to-day operations for our various businesses.” — Beckerman, 2003

Who is Ted Fikre?
A career snapshot of AEG’s new vice chairman
Age: 45

Ted Fikre, 2005

Education: B.A., economics, Princeton University, 1989; J.D., Stanford University, 1994

Career moves
Assistant economist with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, 1989-1991
Associate, Latham & Watkins, 1994-97
Vice president and general counsel, Los Angeles Kings and Staples Center, 1997-99
Executive vice president and general counsel, Los Angeles Kings and Staples Center, 1999-2000
Executive vice president and general counsel, AEG, 2000-08
Chief legal and development officer, AEG, 2008-13
Named vice chairman and chief legal and development officer on March 14

Business advice
“Some people excel at talking and some at listening; some are good thinkers and some are good leaders; some are proficient at numbers and some with words. Many people in the workplace have one or two of these attributes, but few individuals, if any, possess them all. Those who come close are the ones who succeed in business.” — Fikre, 2005

Inside takes through the years
“There’s an utter contrast between his superior intellect, work ethic and talent, and the fact that he has no ego.” — David Rogers, Latham & Watkins partner, 2005

“The combination of Phil’s willingness to put his money at risk and Tim’s ambition is a great recipe for growth, and I’m lucky to be along for the ride.” — Fikre, 2005

Who is Jay Marciano?
A career snapshot of AEG’s new chief operating officer
Career moves

Jay Marciano, 2007
■ Spent 18 years at Universal Concerts in a variety of positions, ultimately as president and CEO
Chief strategy officer, AEG Live, 2003-05
President, Madison Square Garden Entertainment, 2005-11
President and CEO, AEG Europe, 2011-13
Named COO of AEG on March 14

Inside takes through the years
“There is no one in the world more qualified to lead AEG in Europe. His exceptional skills and experience with facilities and content for these facilities is recognized as being one of the most unique and extraordinary in the industry. It was critical for us to find a person of his stature that can manage our facilities division, our content division, our entry into the ticketing industry as well as our sports and development divisions across Europe. Jay was our first choice.” — Tim Leiweke, 2011

Who is Todd Goldstein?
A career snapshot of AEG’s chief revenue officer

Todd Goldstein, 2011
Photo by: AEG
■ Age: 41
Education: B.A., communications, University of Colorado, 1993; MBA, University of Denver, 2009
Career moves
Worked for years with the Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche and Pepsi Center
Joined AEG as a sales executive in 2001
Promoted to senior vice president of global business partnerships and, in 2008, president of AEG Global Partnerships
Recently elevated to chief revenue officer of AEG

Business advice
“Listen, learn and be passionate.” — Goldstein, 2011

Inside takes through the years
“A lot of people pay lip service to this, but Todd really approaches deals from a partnership standpoint.” — Chris Weil, Momentum Worldwide CEO, 2011

“Especially in the most complex deals, you’ve not only got to get clients to embrace your vision, but make them think that it’s their vision.” — Goldstein, 2011

“We call him the Tasmanian Devil. I’ve never seen anyone with so much energy, and he’s become the master of creating contractually obligated income.” — Tim Leiweke, 2008

Who is Steven Cohen?
A career snapshot of AEG’s new chief strategy officer
Education: Middlebury College, 1983; BSc, economics, London School of Economics and Political Science, 1985; J.D., Boston University, 1989

Career moves
Partner, Hogan & Hartson, 1997-2001
Managing director, Anschutz Investment Co., 2001-10
Executive vice president, The Anschutz Corp., 2010-present
Named AEG chief strategy officer on March 14

— Compiled by SportsBusiness Journal staff