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Sports business New Year's resolutions

Industry executives tell you what they want to accomplish personally and professionally in 2013

President, New Era Cap Co.

I went to a leadership conference recently, and they were talking about the fact that if you want to lead, you have to be physically ready. So I have been on a health kick, watching what I eat, and I hope to bring that into the new year and supply the energy needed to meet all these aggressive goals we’ve got as a company.

Director, 2012 Ryder Cup

I would love to take an international vacation in the coming year and teach my son to golf (with help from a professional).

Executive vice president of sports marketing, GMR Marketing

Personal: Support my wife and lifelong cheerleader, Kim, as she promotes her first book, “The Wisdom of Hair,” which drops March 5. No, I was not the inspiration and, yes, I see the irony in promoting a title that suggests hair equals intelligence.
Professional: I try to focus on our people and our culture as much as revenue growth, but it’s never enough. Those two areas ultimately drive our success more than any lead or prospect list.

Athletic director, University of Denver

Taking into account the hectic pace associated with collegiate athletics, my individual goals for 2013 are to focus on building a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise, and to spend quality time with family and friends — my personal lifeblood.
On the sports business side of the ledger, we will continue to set high, achievable goals for all University of Denver teams. Since we will begin Summit League participation in 2013, our objective is to jump in and compete for NCAA postseason play right away — demonstrating that DU has one of the best Division I-AAA athletics programs in the country.

Executive producer and vice president of production, CBS Sports

The sports television business tends to consume a majority of our time. We lose track of friends and don’t stay in contact with family members. I am making a concerted effort to spend more time with family and friends.

Vice president of television and emerging media, LPGA

From an LPGA perspective, I’d like to see another thrilling Solheim Cup in August. Personally, I’d like to see Indiana University win the NCAA basketball championship. Also, a salary cap for college football coaches and less greed in sports.

President, Daytona International Speedway

My business resolution for 2013 is to survive the marathon of Grand-Am, ARCA, NASCAR, and AMA testing/racing events that Daytona hosts in January, February and March.
My personal resolution is to spend more time with family — see above. Seriously, plan more “guy” trips with my father and my 11-year-old son (tarpon fishing in Boca Grande, Fla., was a big hit last year!) and finally make that family vacation to Hawaii happen instead of talking about it year after year.

Executive vice president and sports group president, Time Inc.

We’ve been very focused on serving clients through intense data on customers and programmatic solutions, but I want to get to solving problems with more big ideas. Data is critical, but without a big idea, you are never going to get your business to a bigger place. Data has to fuel creativity, not be an end unto itself.

Athletic director, Grand Valley State University

To continue with the same resolution I made for 2012, which is to NEVER AGAIN read a comment posted at the end of an article. It is a complete waste of time and energy for anyone in a decision-making position, including those of us in the sports world. It is equivalent to listening to your neighbor tell you which stocks to pick for your investment portfolio, which is a direct path to losing.

President, espnW

Hoping to see more collaboration across women’s sports — across sports, leagues and organizations — to raise the appeal, impact and market prowess of the great athletes competing every day.

President, Speedo USA and Calvin Klein Swimwear
My resolution for 2013 is to continue to preach the benefits of swimming and how it has transformed my own fitness routine. Every day is an opportunity to walk the walk and inspire those around you.

President, Ovations Food Services

Just to win as many championships as possible.

President and CEO, Arizona Diamondbacks

When it comes to our business, I would like to see the diversity in our workforce increase dramatically and better reflect the demographics of our market. Personally, I would like to enjoy more tennis with my oldest son, play more catch with my youngest son, and agree to more “mani-pedis” with my little girl.

Tournament director, Travelers Championship

Goals for 2013: Personal — I want to finish my next Tough Mudder in 90 minutes. Professional — In 2012, just over 100 charities benefited from the proceeds of the Travelers Championship. My personal goal is for us to reach 200 charities this year.

President, Engine Shop

Business: My resolution is the same every year: continue to work hard with people I enjoy and have fun while doing it. The goal is to succeed, but too often we forget that sports (whether for work or play) is supposed to be fun.
Personal: Improve the quality of the time that I spend with family. This year I’m trading golf for fishing — no preteen wants to spend six hours on a Saturday with his dad. Plus we don’t have to stop talking while the other person is casting.

General counsel

To focus on what is important and less time on things I can’t control. Making time to read more books.

Senior vice president of operations and administration, CBS Sports Network
To better manage the daily stress.

Vice president of social marketing, IMRE

To start (and actually finish) one Tumblr project this year. To change the way brands sponsor athletes by making sure every sponsorship includes innovative use of athlete/influencer’s social channels/graph

President, GoVision

I have two personal ones. Of course, the age-old one is to lose weight, but I really mean it this time! Second, I want to slow down and enjoy the world spinning around me with my family.
Business: Somehow, some way, I pray we can find some stability in the economy and that will allow us to continue seeing the positive growth of GoVision and our clients’ businesses.

Managing director of marketing, U.S. Olympic Committee

Business: Deliver against our promise of world-class strategic thinking and customer service for our USOC partners, expanding our activation window throughout the calendar year. Spread the word more widely about how badly our Olympians and Paralympians need corporate and public support.
Personal: Refine my luge skills, spend more time with my wife, Rosemary, and my kids, Eva and Gibby. And improve my soccer coaching skills — their teams went a combined 3-17 last season!