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Volume 21 No. 2
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Holiday Gifts: Gadgets and good will


General counsel,
Women’s Tennis Association

Garmin Fenix GPS Watch, so I no longer get lost while I am running when out of town for work; it’s great to see the city but much better if I know how to get back to my hotel.
I am much better at giving gifts than receiving gifts, so my husband will be off to race-car driving school for Christmas (I hope he doesn’t read this).



I need some new tools. My kids are constantly coming up with projects, and my tools are a mismatch at best. And then I would also like to get an advance copy of the TCU Horned Frogs 2013 National Championship season DVD.
Giving: My kids are old enough that they may know better; but they better believe, so I can’t reveal what they are getting. Can’t reveal my employee gifts because hopefully they read this magazine. GoVision is semi-famous for our unique and creative gifts to clients, so I also can’t reveal that because my clients better be reading this magazine, too!

President and CEO,
Arizona Diamondbacks

The greatest gift I could receive is seeing movement on the number of young men who have agreed to have their prostate checked. Early detection is the key and may have very well saved my life. I plan on giving friends, family and colleagues great vegan food and baked goods, without first telling them they are dairy- and animal-free.


Giving: My three kids are in love with the toasters that burn sports team logos into toast and have all asked for one. The problem is one wants an Eagles toaster, one a Phillies toaster and one a Flyers one. Looks like we’ll be eating a lot of toast.
Receiving: I honestly have more gadgets and toys than I have time to use. So this year, I have asked my family to instead make a donation to Hurricane Sandy relief in lieu of getting me anything. Those people can use the help a lot more than I need a new iPhone, and it also guarantees that I don’t get another Santa tie this year.

New Era Cap Co.

For myself, I’m kind of hoping for something in the performance ski apparel front, because I could definitely use an upgrade. Gadgetwise, I kind of have everything I need. I am still a version behind on my iPhone and my iPad, but that’s OK. As far as what I am getting them, I am sure there will be more iPads in my household after Xmas Day. And my son has been clamoring for “Call of Duty,” so that will probably be under the tree. We’re also getting a Golden Retriever puppy to go along with our 11-year-old Golden — we’ll see how they get along.


Ovations Food Services
I hope to get new books out by James Patterson and John Grisham. Probably will get a large-screen TV for outside.

Speedo USA and Calvin Klein Swimwear

I’ve been told that I am the hardest to buy for as I never seem to have a specific need this time of year. I love the experience of the holidays and bringing together family and friends. But to have a selfish wish … it would be dropping 2 feet of virgin powder on Mount Bachelor and sunshine on my shoulders! Heaven! And what will I be buying? New ski gear for the family — what else?

Managing director of marketing,
U.S. Olympic Committee

What I’d like to receive: I admit it, the TV ads have me hooked — I am hoping for the new Samsung Galaxy S III so I can bump videos. Also, new golf clubs and swing lessons, because you can only make the same excuses for so long. For books, “Kurt Vonnegut: Letters”; I’m a huge fan of his work and humor. And “Running For My Life,” Lopez Lomong’s incredible story of traveling from war in the Sudan to becoming the U.S. Olympic team flag bearer.
What I’ll be giving: The Bob Hope “Road to” series of DVDs to our CMO, Lisa Baird; she is a huge fan. Anything “The Wiggles” to my son. The band is breaking up and he is heartbroken. Some time off for my wife, and Team USA gear celebrating our success in London for most everyone else.


Vice president

I hope I receive a Galaxy S III and Apple TV! I’m buying many people “Half the Sky,” by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn.

2012 Ryder Cup

I would love to receive some sort of i-gadget — iPhone, iPad, iPod. I feel like one of the few people left on the planet who doesn’t have one and who isn’t fluent in their capabilities. But at the same time, I have a great fear that once I do receive one I will be hooked, as I have a history with that problem (see: my BlackBerry). When it comes to gift giving, I couldn’t have more fun than I do picking out gifts for my two young sons. My oldest son is really into all types of sports and superheroes, so I look forward to reliving my childhood with him.


Engine Shop

My family has accumulated way too many electronic gadgets, so my shopping list is going back to the basics this year: bicycles, board games and puzzles! Maybe Hungry Hungry Hippos or an Erector Set. Having said that, do you think I can ask for an iPad Mini? How about a New York Jets win … at this point only Santa Claus could make that happen!