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Volume 20 No. 41
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Chris Lambiase, SVP and publishing director, Rodale Inc.


What I Like …

An influential person in my career: Geoffrey Meyer, my first boss at The Wall Street Journal. He taught me how to present myself and the brand with dignity and strength; to always sell out of a position of strength and never negative-sell the competition. His management style, the ability to motivate without intimidation, is a style I strive to emulate to this day.

A business deal: Anything that Apple does. They combine great products with incredible positioning. A truly enviable marketing machine.

A sports facility: While this is not really a sports facility in pure definition, there is no better experience in sports than sitting on the balcony of the Automobile Club of France on the Champs Élysées watching the finish of the Tour de France.

A sports event: The Tour de France and Giro d’Italia in cycling and the F1 Grand Prix of Monaco.

Senior vice president and publishing director, Rodale Inc.

Where I'm from: I am from Scarsdale, N.Y., and live in Irvington, N.Y., with my wife, Jenny, and three children, Jessie, Casey and Nick.

Where I Went to School: Manhattanville College, B.A. in economics and minors in advertising and marketing.

My First Job: A bike shop,
from 10th grade through college. I learned some important lessons there, when I was able to manage the shop, and get experience in buying and selling and marketing. I also met my wife there — best day of my life.

An innovation: It’s amazing to see recreational cyclists using the same or similar technology as the pros to train and to race, such as GPS units and power meters. The complexity of information you get back in real time about your pace and your ride, the mapping technology and the ability to compete against others virtually have been game-changers for the industry.

An idea or invention I wish I had thought of: Clipless pedals — they transformed the sport of cycling.

A fantasy job: The one I have now. This job merged my many years of publishing experience with my passion for healthy and active living, which are how Rodale’s titles are grouped (Healthy Living: Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Prevention, Organic Gardening; Active Living: Runner’s World, Bicycling, Running Times).

Lambiase competes in the Granfondo Pinarello in Italy.
What I Like about …

Competing: There is a passion in me that constantly stokes my competitive fires, whether it’s at work or on the bike, to earn that feeling of getting to the finish line first. I enjoy giving it my all, and always with as much grace as possible.

What I’d Like To …

Change: I would like to change the perception in publishing that print and digital versions of brands can’t coexist. We’ve seen it firsthand, and it’s clear to me that when readers and users have a passion and feel a true connection to the content and to the brand, they will be loyal consumers. Digital will continue to grow, and new delivery systems will mature, but not necessarily at the expense of print.

What I Don’t Like …

Pet peeve: Dishonesty.

In general: Politics that are so prevalent in today’s sports world.
In sports: Cheating; some of the lifestyle choices made by professional athletes and the effect it has on youth.

In business: Over-the-top overcompetitiveness; the inability to congratulate peers for success; an egocentric approach.


What I Like …
People: Like-mindedness; open-minded, a verve for life; all of that starts with my family.

Above all else: To be together with my family.

Eddie Merckx
That would surprise those who know me: Walks along the Hudson River at sunset with my wife. Most people assume we don’t go anywhere without two wheels under us.

Heroes: Eddy Merckx — arguably the greatest cyclist who ever lived. His straightforward approach to training and nutrition. When he was asked about his key to success, his answer: “Ride lots.”

Teams: New York teams — the Giants, the Knicks and the Rangers.

City: New York.

Websites: After Rodale’s family of websites, I like

IPad app: I love what Strava is doing with cycling and running, allowing people to virtually compete against each other using their GPS devices. They are tactically building a community by allowing people to challenge themselves and others through their own workouts.

Hobbies: Cycling, cars, music, skiing.

Time of year: I love the fall in the Northeast. The perfect temperatures and the lack of humidity sits well with me for riding and for my psyche. It’s a perfect prelude to the excitement of the holidays.

Dave Matthews Band
Music: My tastes are eclectic. Music is a major part of my life, and I’ve never been stuck in a rut. I started with the Stones, Hendrix; I’ve appreciated the goofy bands in the ’80s that no one will admit to listening to now. I like Dave Matthews Band, U2, the Black Keys, Jack White. But I also appreciate jazz: Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Miles Davis. I listen to WFUV, Fordham’s student radio station, and their mix is perfect for my taste.

TV: I’m a channel surfer.

Concerts: The Live Earth concert at Giants Stadium in 2007. I was blown away by the Dave Matthews Band, but I also remember how great the Smashing Pumpkins and Roger Waters sounded after all these years.

Food: A combination of organic root vegetables, potatoes and quinoa pasta; any fish prepared any way.

Vacation spots: The Outer Cape, Cape Cod.

Trips: In 2010, my wife, a former U.S. national team cyclist, and I went to Italy to compete in the Granfondo Pinarello in Treviso. What an amazing experience to ride in Italy with my wife through the legendary Dolomite Mountains, even if she was dropping me in some of the tougher climbs. An incredible memory of a beautiful place.