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Game Day at Subway Commercial Shoot

Subway has filmed a new NASCAR commercial with Sprint Cup driver Carl Edwards for four consecutive years. It worked with its ad agency, MMB out of Boston, to develop a spot this year that would showcase Edwards and Fox Sports broadcaster Jay Glazer. The shoot took place at three locations in Charlotte: a local Subway, a nearby park and a downtown Westin Hotel. Subway chief marketer Tony Pace and director of sports marketing Paul Bamundo spent from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. supervising the shoot. They called for certain segments to be re-shot and praised others. No detail escaped Pace. After Glazer accidentally bit into a Subway breakfast sandwich twice and spoke through a mouthful of food, Pace said, "Let Jay know when he does those two bites, it's golden. We love those two bites." The spot — and those two bites — premiered Sunday during the Daytona 500 and will be shown throughout the NASCAR season on Fox.

Text by Tripp Mickle
All photos by Mark Sluder

Game Day collage
11:32 PM: Paul Bamundo, Subway's director of sports marketing, flips through a printout of the commercial storyboard after arriving on set at a Charlotte-area Subway.

12:38 PM: Fox Sports broadcaster Jay Glazer (right) arrives on set and talks through the shoot with Subway Chief Marketing Officer Tony Pace.

12:48 PM: Director Peter Darley Miller of @Radical talks to the Subway team before the shoot begins.

1:11 PM: Pace grins as the shoot begins and he gets a glimpse of Glazer and driver Carl Edwards' natural chemistry.

1:15 PM:
Pace refers to the storyboard during a break in the shoot.

2:11 PM: Pace chuckles as Glazer ad-libs some lines.

2:25 PM: Moments after filming ends at the first location, Edwards walks toward the Subway team and throws his hands up as if to ask, "How was that?"

Game Day collage
2:30 PM: With filming done at the local Subway, Pace and other Subway executives climb into a car and head to the second shooting location at a nearby park.

3:23 PM: The camera crew sets up a camera on a small dolly that will allow it to follow Edwards and Glazer through the park.

3:27 PM: The camera crew follows Edwards and Glazer as they bicycle down a hill.

3:35 PM:
Pace, Bamundo and Darley Miller gather around a small monitor to watch video of the second shoot in the park.

3:46 PM: Glazer carries his bike uphill after riding it down for a scene.

3:49 PM: Glazer and Edwards again film the downhill scene, which shows Glazer trying to keep up with the fit and fast Edwards on a bike.

4:18 PM: After riding the bike, Glazer gets a makeup touch-up.

4:52 PM:
After changing into his driver's suit, Edwards checks his hair before going to film additional segments.

5:10 PM: Edwards is shot in front of a greenscreen, which allows for other footage and images to be superimposed in the background.

6:36 PM:
Edwards wraps up his day with a photo shoot that Subway will use to support the commercial.