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Keep It Short And Sweet: Notable Tweets Of 2013, Part I

More and more sports execs, athletes and journalists are using social media to express their thoughts and, in some cases, stir the pot. Here are some tweets from 2013 that caught our eye.

Press Association's MARTYN ZIEGLER: "FIFA to consider moving 2026 World Cup in Antarctica to the summer. *Why didn't the bloody penguins tells us it was -30*”

BBC presenter GARY LINEKER: "Things looking reasonable for Argentina. They've got Messi, the Pope and now possibly it's Angel's Masters"

London Times' KEVIN EASON: "Whatever happens, Lewis Hamilton must be going over the fine print of the contract and wondering what the hell is going on"

FIFA President SEPP BLATTER: "Sanctions against discriminatory acts must be very severe. We will discuss this at next Strategic Committee in 3 weeks”

London Guardian's OWEN GIBSON: "Tokyo's revamp of their 1964 stadium designed by Zaha Hadid. Has moveable seats, retractable roof. So they've learned something from London."

Daily Star Sunday TV reporter EDWARD GLEAVE: "Beckham moves to the fashion capital of the world... I wonder whose idea that was"

London Guardian's AMY LAWRENCE: "Australia's sports investigation has drugs and organised crime in one package. 2 huge birds to take out with 1 stone"

PA's MARTYN ZIEGLER: "After Olympics bombshell wrestling's world fed to meet on Saturday in Phuket. That's also what they said when they heard the news."

Yahoo!'s CHARLES ROBINSON: "Tiger. Lance. Oscar. Rough patches for those international Nike campaigns the last few years.”

CNN Host PIERS MORGAN: "Bayern look like Wenger's old trophy-winning Arsenal teams - tall, powerful, fast, skilful, aggressive, focused."

BBC's PHIL MCNULTY: "Borussia Dortmund 4 Real Madrid 1. What is German for "El Clasico"?"

Bloomberg's TARIQ PANJA: "Nike throwing the kitchen sink at Neymar. Will be interesting to see how he copes with all this pressure/ focus over next 12 months"