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Madrid, Tokyo And Istanbul Make Final 2020 Olympic Presentations In Switzerland

Tokyo, Madrid and Istanbul made their final presentations on Wednesday to the IOC in Lausanne, Switzerland to be selected as the host site for the 2020 Summer Olympics, according to MUNDO DEPORTIVO. The final decision will be made on Sept. 7 in Buenos Aires. Each of the three Olympic host candidates gave a 45-minute presentation followed by a 45-minute period to answer questions from the IOC. Madrid presented first, followed by Istanbul and Tokyo (MUNDO DEPORTIVO, 7/3).

: In Madrid, Gerardo Riquelme reported Madrid 2020 finished its presentation in Lausanne before the IOC assembly "ahead of schedule" after IOC members used only 10 of the 45 minutes allotted for questions. After Madrid 2020's initial presentation, the Spanish delegation only had to answer five questions. IOC member Marisol Casado said, "They have asked us what we wanted to ask." Together with two "very general questions about Olympic values and freedom of the press, which all three candidates had to answer, the IOC members asked if a new anti-doping law has already been approved, if hotel prices are finalized and about the legacy of Barcelona '92" (MARCA, 7/3). Also in Madrid, Juan Mora reported "different from Istanbul and Tokyo, each member of the Madrid 2020 candidacy that presented was applauded by the IOC" (AS, 7/3). Also in Madrid, LIBERTAD DIGITAL reported that Spanish Olympic Committee (COE) President Alejandro Blanco said, "The opinions are favorable. Many recognize that Madrid's bid is the best. The candidacy does not have one problem. There has not been anything like this before. We have to think they will give it to us because Madrid is prepared and if you are not prepared, you can never win" (LIBERTAD DIGITAL, 7/3).

MADRID 'OVERDUE': Also in Madrid, MARCA Editorial Dir General Pedro J. Ramírez wrote in a letter to IOC members advocating for Madrid 2020 that "Madrid has attempted to claim this honor three times consecutively and three times consecutively it has surpassed the IOC requirements and has been proclaimed finalist." I "want you to know that Madrid is a sure bet and full of potential to achieve the aims of the IOC. Actually, the cosmopolitan, multi-cultural and multi-racial Madrid, over-flowing with and welcoming to tourism, open to immigration, the connecting heart of everything, for everyone, has for a long time been Olympic, without knowing it." In '20, "28 years will have passed since then, more than double the interval between the L.A. and Atlanta Games; and Madrid will continue being the only great capital of the developed world that after thirty one Olympiads in the modern era has not yet been a venue for the Games" (MARCA, 6/30).

TOKYO: KYODO reported Tokyo's presentation promised to "maximize the power of sports to worldwide audiences, raise the profile of athletes and promote the Olympic movement." Tokyo 2020 President Tsunekazu Takeda said, "Japan has been touched by the universal power of sport ... and is committed to sharing that power with others" (KYODO, 7/3).

ISTANBUL: In Madrid, Gerardo Riquelme reported "not one of the 86 IOC members had the curiosity to ask the Istanbul 2020 candidacy about the protests that have taken place in the streets in recent weeks." Turkey Secretary of State for Economy & Foreign Affairs Ali Babacan said, "In any healthy democracy, protests are a good sign. It has been in the street that people have protested peacefully for different questions and we have listened. They do not demand work or denounce adverse situations, they demand improvement in education, in professions" (MARCA, 7/3).