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Twitter Me This...

McLaren F1 driver JENSON BUTTON: "Allan Simonsen RIP.such a tragic loss. A true fighter & a true racer. Safety is something we need 2 improve on in Motorsport. #AllanSimonsen"

Motorsport Total's STEFAN ZIEGLER: "Personally, I think the International Tribunal's verdict is completely ridiculous. What a charade. #Mercedes #Pirelli #F1 #Testgate"

AP's ROB HARRIS: "Tokyo2020 Olympic bid says 1000s turned out to celebrate "Olympic Day". 1000s in streets of rival bid city Istanbul for different reasons..."

NBA Memphis Grizzlies center MARC GASOL: "Si Juan Orenga lo considera oportuno, iré a competir este verano con mis compañeros." ... ("If Juan Orenga considers it appropriate, I will compete this summer with my teammates")

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