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Real Madrid And FC Barcelona Earn Most From Kit Deals

ManU and Liverpool have "the most-lucrative kit supplier deals in the Premier League this season," according to Harris & Miller of SPORTINGINTELLIGENCE. ManU and Liverpool earn a guaranteed £25.4M ($40.6M) and £25M ($40M), respectively from Nike and Warrior -- but still trail the sums earned by Spanish giants Real Madrid and Barcelona." Real’s deal with adidas, which lasts until '20, is worth a guaranteed £31M ($49M) per year, while Barcelona’s deal with Nike is worth £27M ($43M). These figures come from new research veteran analyst Peter Rohlmann and his team at the consulting bureau, PR Marketing (SPORTINGINTELLIGENCE, 10/8).

 Top 10 Kit Supplier Deals In Europe By Annual Value* To Clubs
Club Supplier Start-Until Renewal Value/Year
1. Real Madrid adidas '98-20 '12 $49M
2. FC Barcelona Nike '98-18 '08 $43M
3. Manchester United Nike '02-15 - $41M
4. Liverpool FC Warrior '12-15 - $40M
5. Chelsea FC adidas '06-18 '11 $32M
6. Bayern Munich adidas '66-20 '12 $26M
7. Inter Milan Nike '98-19 '09 $24M
8. Manchester City Nike '13-19 - $19M
9. AC Milan adidas '98-17 '07 $19M
10. Juventus Nike '03-16 - $17M
 *Minimum guaranteed annual value regardless of sales.

 Value Of Football-Related Income To Major Brands
Company Expected Income* In '12
Market Share
adidas $2.1B 38%
Nike $1.9B 36%
Puma $441M 8%
Umbro $221M 4%
Others $766M

TOTAL $5.5B 100%
 *Wholesale income, not retail sales, which is much higher.