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Twitter Me This....

Louisville Courier-Journal's Tim Sullivan: "If you're considering a trip to Kentucky Speedway for Quaker State 400, don't be dissuaded by the traffic. Barely tapped brakes on way in."

TSN's Bob McKenzie: "It's going to be a marathon day (blame the lockout) and NHL team personnel will grouse that TV makes the day a lot longer than it should be. … Fair enough, but I'll make NHL teams a deal: If they don't congratulate CHI, thank NJ, say hi to viewing party etc, we save 2 mins/team. … And I'll make sure me, Ferraro and McGuire don't drone on. Deal? That's what I thought. Every team will congratulate CHI, thank NJ etc"

Newark Star-Ledger's Steve Politi: "When the Devils are sold -- and they will be -- Lou Lamoriello would be working for his fourth owner. What other GM has done that? Unreal."

Sporting News' Jesse Spector: "Happy NHL Draft Day! As the tradition goes, if Gary Bettman sees his shadow, we have six more months without hockey."'s Jimmy Traina: "If Bill Simmons really wants to win over the fans in his feud with Doc Rivers, he should give away his Clippers season tix on Twitter."

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