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Twitter Me This....

UPS Dir of Sponsorships & Events J.W. Cannon: "Less than 2 days into the federal mediation process on the lockout & the #NHL & NHLPA are already giving up. A for effort, guys. #sarcasm. … If the #NHL & NHLPA had wrestler like themes playing as they entered rooms, I'm guessing Fehr w/ Darth Vader music, Bettman w/ circus track."

Former Rockies New Partner Development Dir Brendan Falvey: "David Stern just issued a statement that the 47-44 Miami lead over San Antonio at the half is 'totally unacceptable.'"

St. Louis Post-Dispatch's Joe Strauss: "More and more it appears David Stern is losing his grip on reality. Blisters Pop' but never raised eyebrow post-Donaghy over ref integrity."

N.Y. Daily News' Andy Martino: "Although Mets want to make Wright club ambassador post-retirement, that's not in this deal. Personal services clauses not allowed anymore."

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