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Volume 24 No. 159
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Top Ten....About Face

Last night’s Top Ten list was “Top Ten Thoughts Going Through This Guys Mind.” CBS’ David Letterman showed a picture of Eric Hartsburg, a man from Michigan City, Indiana, who auctioned the right side of his face for a tattoo. Letterman said, “This young man was paid $15,000 for the Romney-Ryan tattoo. That’s the Romney-Ryan logo so ‘Top Ten Things Going Through’ his mind while he was getting that lovely Romney-Ryan tattoo. Not exactly a bumper sticker is it Eric?” (“Late Show,” CBS, 11/13).

10) “Worst mistake since my Herman Cain tattoo.”
9) “I still seem like less of a jackass than Karl Rove, right?”
8) “Why are tattoo parlors always next to bars?”
7) “The important thing is I had fun.”
6) “If no one will hire me can I still blame Obama?”
5) “Does it distract from my neck tattoo?”
4) “Mitt would’ve done the same for me.”
3) “Does Obamacare cover tattoo removal?”
2) “At least now I have an excuse for not having a girlfriend.”
1) “Romney can still win, right?”