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A Day In The Life With Unique Sports Management's Torrel Harris

TORREL HARRIS is the Founder & CEO of N.Y.-based Unique Sports Management but he also pulls double duty as an NBA father/agent with his son, TOBIAS, starting for the 76ers. On a typical game night in Philadelphia, Harris, who got his start in the NBA representing Basketball HOFer GEORGE GERVIN, will make the two-and-a-half-hour drive from Long Island to be present for his son’s home games at Wells Fargo Center. Harris also uses the drive to conduct business for USMI over the phone, keeping tabs on the agency’s day-to-day business. He recently took THE DAILY through his game-day routine.

6:00am: Get up and pray for about 30 minutes. I also get a prayer everyday from my pastor that I send to my friends.

7:00am: Spend time with my wife LISA -- just talking about our children and what’s going on in their lives and how they’re doing. I’ll also eat breakfast in that time. I’m trying to lose about 20 pounds so it’s a protein breakfast. Eggs, avocado, grain toast and my wife makes me one of her special latte coffees.

8:45am: Head into the office.

9:30am: Review all my emails and answer each one accordingly. That usually takes about an hour.

10:30am: Conference call with our financial planners to discuss strategies across the industry and what they think would be the best fits for our clients.

11:00am: Speak to our clients, see how their day is going. Spend about 30 minutes speaking to them.

11:30am: Check in with our social media teams regarding their strategies around what our athletes are posting. In some cases, they give me their input on what fans are saying.

Harris (c) pictured with his wife and three of their children at a 76ers game
Photo: unique sports management
Harris (c) pictured with his wife and three of their children at a 76ers game
Photo: unique sports management
Harris (c) pictured with his wife and three of their children at a 76ers game
Photo: unique sports management

Noon: Usually lunch with one of our advisors. That lasts for about an hour.

1:00pm: I work out -- typically go swimming or lift weights.

3:00pm: Begin the drive to Philadelphia to watch the game.

3:45pm: I’ll talk to our marketing team regarding deals that we may be interested in. I’ll also always talk to our attorneys regarding the closure on some of these deals

4:15pm: I’ll speak to our clients on the phone before their game for a prep talk. Let them know they’re the best. Go out there and play like this is the last time you’re playing basketball. It helps me get a feel for how they feel going into a game.

5:30pm: Arrive in Philly.

7:00pm: Watch the 76ers game. I’m all in like I’m actually playing. Every game is intense. When it’s your son, you’re obviously very involved. You’re rooting for the team and your son. If they win it’s great, but if they lose you feel his pain. It can linger on you, but you have to put it in perspective. I’ve been doing this for over 30 years.

8:00pm: I’ll always have a halftime meeting with the executives of the Sixers.

9:30pm: Game’s over, and I’ll have dinner with our clients. Be there to support my son whether he had a great game or not. We just sit back and talk about it.

11:00pm: Head back to N.Y. and arrive home about 1:30am.

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