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NFL Most Marketable Reaction: Brady Atop List Could Spell Trouble

Reaction continues to come in regarding Tom Brady topping THE DAILY's NFL Most Marketable Player survey, with Fox Sports Radio's Christian Arcand saying Brady's spot at No. 1 on the list shows a "real lack of marketable talent" in the NFL. While Brady and Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes occupying the top two spots "makes sense," Brady being ahead of the reigning MVP is "not a great thing for the league" because he is 42 years old. Arcand: "He's not going to play that much longer." Fox Sports Radio's Adam Jones noted a list of the most marketable MLB players a few years ago would have included Derek Jeter and David Ortiz, which "ended up being very poor foreshadowing for that sport." Jones: "Not a great sign when a 42-year-old is the 'Most Marketable' in your league, because how much longer could you possibly expect for that to be the case?" ("The Adam Jones Show," Fox Sports Radio, 8/28). However, FS1’s Nick Wright said it "wouldn’t make sense for anyone else to be at the top of this list” other than Brady (“First Things First,” FS1, 8/29). Boston-based WEEI-FM's Dale Arnold noted Brady has a number of endorsement deals, but he is "not taking on every single thing." Meanwhile, despite Brady only joining Twitter earlier this year, he has "become this social media butterfly and is all over social media, using it extensively" ("Dale and Keefe," WEEI-FM, 8/28).

TOO BLAND TO BE NO. 1? FS1’s Shannon Sharpe wondered what there is "not to like if you just look" at Brady. Sharpe: "I could see if he had poor teeth, but he's married to a super model. He seems likable. He's very measured in his words. He never speaks out of turn. He's always speaking positive. We like that.” FS1's Skip Bayless: "What has he ever done wrong except some people thought he illegally deflated footballs?” ("Undisputed," FS1, 8/29). But Fox Sports Radio's Rob Parker said there is "no way, no how" that Brady is the most marketable player in the league, in part because he "says nothing." Parker: "He's a boring Captain Obvious quote." He added Brady is not on top of the list because of his "personality or because people are hanging on his every word." Rather, it "just has to do" with the Patriots' on-field success. Fox Sports Radio's Chris Broussard pointed out Brady's endorsement portfolio is extensive and includes "some of the biggest companies in the world." But Parker rebutted by calling Brady "milquetoast" and said he "doesn't move the needle." Parker: "He might be the dullest athlete we've ever had." Broussard responded, "I'm not saying he's the hippest, but the dude is marketable and the endorsement deals prove it. And on top of that, he wins" ("The Odd Couple," Fox Sports Radio, 8/28).

TOO MUCH, TOO SOON? FS1's Bayless said he was "stunned" and "offended" that Brady only barely edged out Mahomes in the rankings. He said while Mahomes seems like a really good kid, he doesn't say a whole lot, he’s not a big force on social media." Bayless: "He's vaulted off that all the way to second to marketability in the league? It's just wrong. ... Can Patrick Mahomes live up to this? His marketability is being overmarketed while Brady's is being undermarketed." Sharpe added, “I'm a little surprised that Mahomes is this high. ... He doesn't have that voice, that powerful pitch. I'm surprised he finished that high” (“Undisputed,” FS1, 8/29).

BATTLE OF THE YOUNG GUNS: ESPN’s Max Kellerman noted Mahomes is the player best suited to succeed Brady atop the most marketable list, saying, “Put your money on the blue chipper." Kellerman: "Whoever you think is going to be the best, is in the most successful situation, and just performs at a high level, that's the one who will eventually be the superstar. That beats personality and everything, success." He added, "There is no one better to watch than Patrick Mahomes. When you have the superstar flash to go with the substance on the field, then it really is going to come down to your success over time.” However, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith promoted Browns QB Baker Mayfield chances, saying, “This dude does not shut up. He's as real as it gets. He's going to have something to say." Smith: "When we think about Patrick Mahomes, you know when we're going to talk about Patrick Mahomes? The day before the game and the day after. When are you going to talk about Baker Mayfield? All week long." He added Mayfield, who came in fourth on the list, is "risqué” (“First Take,” ESPN, 8/29).

SMITH-SCHUSTER SHOCKER: WEEI's Greg Hill said of Steelers WR JuJu Smith-Schuster making the top 10 of the survey -- he finished tied with Texans DE J.J. Watt at No. 7, was "interesting." He said it was "curious" that Raiders WR Antonio Brown "isn't there but JuJu Smith-Schuster, who takes over as the No. 1 wide receiver for the Steelers, is in the top 10" ("The Greg Hill Show," WEEI-FM, 8/28). WEEI's Arnold said Smith-Schuster's inclusion on the list was the "biggest surprise" for him. WEEI's Rich Keefe: "He's a good social media guy ... and he's also a big personality, and you see him getting into it ... on Twitter with different guys" ("Dale & Keefe," WEEI, 8/28). Smith-Schuster's appeal to marketers was on display earlier today, as video game accessory maker HyperX renewed his endorsement deal with the company.