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A Day In The Life With BeCore CEO Steve Dupee

STEVE DUPEE last month succeeded BeCore Founder MARK BILLIK as CEO, allowing him to continue to grow the agency’s strategic vision, partnerships and client base. Dupee also works double duty as a dedicated father, waking up early to help his kids prepare for the day ahead and masquerading as a chauffeur once he returns from the office. Dupee recently caught up with THE DAILY from his home in Hermosa Beach, Calif., to outline what a typical day looks like for him.

5:45am: The first thing my wife SARAH and I do is make sure our 14-year-old son BRADEN gets out of bed in order to get to school for his 6:20am cross-country team practice every morning, so us getting up early is to ensure he gets out of bed. Once he’s out the door, then my wife and I usually get a workout in either at Poise Fitness in Hermosa Beach or we’ll throw on a Beachbody workout on the TV at home.

7:00am: Our other three kids -- OLIVIA, NORAH and LEO -- start to wake up around 7:00, so we’ll finish up around then and start getting breakfast ready. Afterwards, my wife and I will sit and go through the schedule for the day for our kids, who are all heavily involved in activities. It’s quite the logistical challenge to ensure everybody has a ride to and from everywhere. Then I’ll get ready for work -- shower up, change and head out to the office.

8:00am: Usually I try to be out the door by 8:00 so I can be at the office at 9:00. We live in Manhattan Beach, which is about a 45-minute drive to BeCore’s offices in downtown L.A. With the long commute, I try to knock out a couple calls to clients on the East Coast or Midwest. I try to carve out a little bit of my morning when I get to the office just to walk around and greet the employees and have quick chats with folks. 

9:30am: I’ll dive into my day -- a lot of meetings, calls and emails. BeCore has been around for 20 years doing some great work, and I was brought on a year ago to really help grow the business. I spend a lot of time just looking at our strategic vision and what we need to do to build the right partnerships, pursue the right opportunities and focus on the right clients to really help us grow what we have going on here.

1:00pm: I’ll either grab the lunch I packed that day, usually leftovers or a salad, and keep plugging away at my desk or I’ll hop out and take a lunch meeting. L.A. is such a hub of sports and entertainment that there’s always great networking lunches and partnership discussions to have.

2:00pm: It’s more of the same for me in the afternoons with meeting and calls, and really working on any projects. If we’re working with clients on the East Coast or the Midwest, the later afternoon here is a good chance for me to just work on things because the work influx begins to slow a little. It allows me to dive into actual projects that need work.

Dupee often helps with shuttling his kids to their various activities and putting them to bed each night

5:30pm: I try to leave the office around 5:30 so that I can get home and be of help in shuttling the kids to their various activities. We try to do a family dinner as often as we can in between all the craziness. Sometimes it’ll be at home or we’ll go to Rabano or Simmzy’s near our place. Since my wife spends a good chunk of her day managing the kids’ schedules, I really try to help at night and be the one that gets the kids to bed so she can relax. 

8:00pm: Once the little ones are in bed around 8:00, my wife and I will hang out for a little bit and watch a show together -- right now it’s “The Bachelorette.” Then I’ll typically hop back online and try to knock out some more work and get ready for the morning.

11:00pm: After I get a couple hours of work in at home, I try to head to bed around 11:00 each night.

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