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A Day In The Life With ESPN's Michael Eaves

ESPN's MICHAEL EAVES has more than two decades of journalism experience in television and radio. The five-time Emmy winner joined ESPN in '15 as a studio anchor. Eaves has provided live coverage of some of the biggest sports events in the world including the Olympics and The Masters. He recently caught up with THE DAILY to give us a look into what a typical Sunday looks like for him.

8:00am: If I do the "SportsCenter" 11:00pm show on Saturday night, I'm up on Sunday no later then 8:00am. Depending on my schedule, I will fit in a morning tee time at 7:30am. If I am working the 1:00am "SportsCenter," which we call our close show, I normally wont leave campus until 3:00am. In that case I will sleep in a little longer but be up by 10:00am. I typically don’t eat breakfast. My wife and I are currently doing a fasting diet where we eat only during an eight hour time period throughout the day, so depending how late I am working, I will move that 8 hour window up or down the clock. This diet has also really helped me get up in the morning, feeling lighter and ready to go.

12:00pm: I eat lunch at the cafeteria on campus which we like to call the "Caf." I order the same salad pretty much every day. A mix of arugula and kale, grilled chicken, bacon, feta cheese, carrots and dressing. Sometimes the kitchen makes a flavored grilled chicken, like a sesame lime or a barbecue flavored. I'm not a soda drinker, but a huge Arnold Palmer fan. On Sunday, I'm on air from 12:00-4:00pm so normally I am grabbing my salad during a commercial break after placing my order over the phone. I run down and grab it and then eat it throughout the show. During every commercial break I’m eating more and more of my lunch.

Eaves and his wife Crystal do plenty of meal-prepping together so he can eat healthy while at work
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4:00pm: When I'm not working the later show, I will stay on campus after and work at my desk, check up on my responsibilities for the 11:00pm show, see if I have any pre-takes filmed. Then I will start writing and banging out the show. I am doing this up until the show starts. I also take this time to return phone calls and answer emails. I tell people the best thing I learned in college was time management, so throughout the course of the week I am actually able to get all things done.

8:00pm: I eat dinner no later then 8:00 or 9:00. For dinner, it varies. My wife Crystal and I are pretty good cooks so I try to make something at home to take to campus. It's normally some type of grilled meat like chicken, turkey, lamb. I really like to barbecue so I will smoke a whole turkey and eat off that for a week in different meals. Brussel sprouts are also on the menu. Prepared by my wife, they are delicious.

1:00am: I will typically watch the show i just did. Review how I did. This way I know exactly how I did. I get on social media which I am also constantly checking throughout the day, even when I'm not tweeting I will keep myself up to date and see what people are talking about in the world, in sports and pop culture. I look back at things I flagged earlier in the day on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I will wind down with a book before heading to bed. I am currently reading one by TREVOR NOAH. I'm not a huge Netflixer but I have definitely binged a few shows in the past like "The Wire" and of course "Game of Thrones."

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