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Volume 25 No. 192

Friday, January 11, 2019

Volume 25 No. 82

Fox Does Not Intend To Buy RSNs Back From Disney

Fox believes Disney has overexposed the RSNs over the past several months by allowing too many entities to see the sales book.

CBS Predicts Super Bowl Revenue Should Be Around $500M

Network uncertain if President Trump will participate in pregame show after he shunned NBC last year.

Billy Joel To Perform First Concert In Camden Yards History On '19 Tour

Peter Angelos in the past was concerned "about the potential effect of concerts on the field, and doubted whether the economics made sense."

Fritz Pollard Alliance Surprised No Minority Coaches Hired Yet

Just one minority coach has been hired in the last two years, a "troubling trend in a league dominated by black players."

MLB Falling Off Fans' Radars During Second Straight Slow Offseason

What in the past has been "months of news" is now being "crammed into a few days" before Spring Training.

The Fans Have Spoken: Padres Likely To Don Brown Uniforms In '20

The jerseys which became popular in the '70s and '80s are not a personal favorite of Exec Chair Ron Fowler.

Women's World Cup Year Could Help Boost Interest In NWSL

More than half of the league's games this season "will be on the backside of the World Cup," which concludes July 7.