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Social Studies: Levy's Matt Dicker On Food Creating New Fans, Business

In a world where taking photos of food and posting them to social media has become the norm, teams and venues are putting a greater emphasis on their offerings. Levy Restaurants Communications Dir Matt Dicker (@LevyRestaurants) sees this in his effort to create must-visit venues for some who are looking for more than a good game. He said, “That’s part of the larger culture in the sports world right now. People are going to sporting events, always for what’s on the field or the court, but also for the entire experience.” He added, “We like to work with our partners to create a really memorable experience. Teams can’t always control what’s happening on the field and on the court but can control what’s happening with the rest of the experience. More and more we’ve seen food, beverage and the entire hospitality become a key part of a gameday. Fans come to the venue looking to experience that.”

Must-follows: Elias Sports Bureau. No one does a better job using statistics and analytics not just for analysis, but to tell a story.
Favorite apps: Slack because our communications team covers a lot of ground with all our locations. I can’t imagine we could stay in touch without Slack.
Average time per day on social media: If my data usage on my phone bill is any indication, too much.

Social media philosophy:
We want our guests to enjoy their experience at every one of our locations. It’s not just about what’s on their plate. At each of our locations we want to share the same sense of hospitality, personality and show who we really are on our channels. Whether they are at the game or visiting one of our feeds, we want it to be a memorable experience.

Target audience:
Fans of our partners don’t necessarily follow us on social media because they want to see what is being served at the game, they follow the teams for that. Knowing this, we strive for our social media accounts to be a showcase for the most innovative experiences we are creating at each of our venues. Whether the audience is team executives or fans at the game, we hope they’ll look to Levy to see the best of sports and entertainment dining.

More than a picture:
It’s important to make a great sandwich or a great dish, but it’s not just about that. It’s really about the story that goes into making that great sandwich or that great dish. We want to tell a great food story about our location. Showcasing the food is a window into that location. We want to incorporate the Levy culture with our tone and emphasize our values as a company, as well as the great dishes we are making.

Social media influencing what teams/venues offer:
Chefs and people in sports business are very competitive by nature. It’s a very healthy competition. When one chef is doing something really amazing, really unique, really memorable at one location, chefs and business executives can’t help but take notice. We hear all the time, people want us to take inspiration from our chefs at other locations. But it’s not about replicating that, it’s about using that same spirit of innovation that led to the first dish to really work with partners to find their own memorable dish.

Fanbase that consumes their content most:
We are constantly amazed by the dedication of soccer fans. Whether it’s the fact that a lot of those fans are younger and more active on social media, we are not exactly sure. But those are very passionate fans who have strong opinions about their teams and about the food that is being served. They love talking to us and are very engaged.

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