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Volume 25 No. 107
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Going Off The Grid: Execs Talk Wimbledon, World Cup Storylines

"Going Off The Grid" is a weekly survey of sports execs and personalities offering their thoughts on a handful of pressing (and trivial) issues in sports and pop culture. This week, our panelists share their most memorable Wimbledon moments, and the biggest takeaways from the World Cup.

  • 76ers COO Lara Price
    -- Likes to ride jet skis at the beach.
  • StubHub Center GM Katie Pandolfo
    -- Never misses an issue of Us Weekly.
  • Turnkey Intelligence President Haynes Hendrickson
    -- Typically behind the masses, but binges select shows. 
  • MLS Dir of Club Services Ian Campbell
    -- What's trending on Netflix?
Going Off The Grid
  Most memorable Wimbledon moment? Biggest takeaway from World Cup in 3-5 words Superteams: Good or bad for the NBA? How are you beating the heat wave? One common misconception about your job?

 Arthur Ashe vs. Jimmy Connors (1975) Only need one word: Upsets  A legacy of winning is what we are all chasing  Air conditioning set to 62 degrees Things slow down in the off-season 

2008 Federer/Nadal final Everyone loves an underdog Good Lots of water! You actually watch the events you work

Isner d. Mahut 70-68 in 5th set in 2010 How crazy will 2026 be? Villains are good for overall business
Countless hours at the swim club I am not an exec. recruiter/headhunter

Federer beating Andy Roddick in 2009 (14th Grand Slam title) VAR and Neymar memes They are good for the league...drives national tune-in and interest On the couch, under a blanket ... A/C on full blast Travel a lot

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