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Volume 25 No. 107

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Volume 24 No. 207

Warriors' Aggressive Team-Building Style Leads To Cousins Signing

Adding Cousins makes the NBA's current dynasty ever stronger, but could this end up being too much of a good thing?

LeBron's Move West Seen As Win For NBA, But Not Eastern Conference

James "said plenty about the growth and popularity of the NBA without saying a word this weekend."

Lakers Already Feeling Marketing Impact Of LeBron James Signing

Lakers fans were buying replicas of James' new No. 23 jersey "at record pace" hours after his announcement.

Roger Federer Looks Forward To Bringing RF Logo To Uniqlo

Federer says Nike has "shown interest to have a shoe deal with me" with Uniqlo not being in that market.

MLB On Pace To Average Under 30,000 Fans For First Time Since '03

Brewers have the league’s biggest upswing, averaging 28,537 fans, while Marlins are drawing just 9,978 per game.

USA Swimming Promotes Sport's Flexibility In New Youth Campaign

The NGB has a new, entry-level membership program for those who can only commit to a few days of training a week.

Giants Rookie RB Saquon Barkely Tops Spring NFL Jersey Sales

Barkley and the Cowboys' Ezekiel Elliott are the only running backs in the top 10.